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Don't allow players to trade gold at all. That would be a small sacrafice for a huge benefit.
Cant say i like bots, but i cant say i like that idea much either. I enjoy helping my friends out, and im sure they think the same.
Help how? With gold? Just buy the item for them,
I've already stated this before.

You have to eliminate the tradeability of gold and items as well except through the auction house. That and place a limit of how many items you can sell on the auction house daily. botters in theory would be limited on how much they could make per day just like regular players.

Bots currently pick up items based on stats and those get thrown on the auction house for money or gold which they sell for money from 3rd party site.

It removes too much interaction between players though / make things more difficult for players which blizzard would never do.
03/19/2013 06:09 PMPosted by pmc195
then the bots just buy gems or items and sell on thier website. Next idea?
Bots farming gold then buying items/craftiing gems to sell them ? Not going to happen.
Well then remove trading completely. If it gets rid of bots im all for it.
03/19/2013 06:17 PMPosted by Ares
Well then remove trading completely. If it gets rid of bots im all for it.

Good idea!

Once you stop caring for trading, the botters and the economy is no longer your concern thus all your problems are solved!

For once we have a self-solving issue. I guess you can do a /thread now.
Whilst theres a Auction House available, you will never get rid of bots. They will simply get you to list a specific item in the AH which they can then buyout. The 15% AH won't bother them, they'll just raise gold prices to adjust for it.

If you remove gold/item direct trading your just hurting legit players who want to help out their friends or swap gear around between each other.

Seriously how old are you?

I'm pretty sure this game is for mature only.
Ban IP address. Coordinate with ISP.
03/19/2013 06:32 PMPosted by Contra

Who is that. I don't see their name in this post.
Did you put that in the wrong post?

So confuzzled right now, I think you went way off topic.
The easiest way is to not allow users to trade gold across levels. So if your character is normal, you can only trade with normal. If your inferno you can only trade inferno ect... This makes it harder for bots since it forces more hours apon them to level up to 60. Then if they get banned they have to start all over again.

They can also put the same lockout on the rmah by only allowing users with inferno status to sell gold. Which only seems fair and smart. Anyone who should more than 1 million gold (minimal selling, but currently its 4mill to make the minimal $1 requirement) would have played through the whole game.

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