Demon Hunter Skill Set?

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Hi guys, i was wondering if u could take a look at my demon hunter, and let me know what skill set(s) you think i should be using for MP7 or MP8 SOLO farming, the current skill set i have, i can do it perfectly fine without hardly dying on MP7 MP8, im just not particularly a fan of the twin chakrams? i absolutely love VAULT and i wont get rid of it, im just fond of it, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
you can try my build, but it's really optimized for keeps farming. works best in small spaces. once the monsters start spreading out you'll get handled.

also anything that interrupts your attacking and thus stops you from leeching life, gets you killed fast. so knockback, tremor knockback attack, fast mod, ranged mobs, frozen....all of these suck. but it's not so bad, just gotta learn the mechanics and you still won't die much.

i solo mp8 with my build/gear and i can do 9 or 10 easily in a party. i CAN solo 9 and 10 also, but the elites take FOREVER.

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