Need help upgrading.

Witch Doctor
Could you pros out there please help me to up my toon a bit? Not sure what to upgrade next. Thanks!
Eschbach, you have to state some goals...
Higher DPS. It is hard to choose among CC, CD and increased attack speed. Which is best for a bear build? I haven't played in a while and am a bit confused. I can run MP 5-6 pretty easily, but wouldn't mind going higher. Any help would be appreciated.
For starters I would say your mojo needs cc and your weapon needs a socket.

You have the right idea getting zombie charger / mana regen mojo which will help a lot with bear spamming. The problem you will face is getting a zuni mojo with high avg dmg, high cc, and zombie charger reduction. They are not cheap if you can find them. You might opt to go for another mojo like a TotD or UkSerpent which comes with high cc already. Then finding one that has zombie charger reduction might be a little cheaper for you.

That would force you into getting a zuni pox which isn't a bad thing... just expensive for the good ones (cc/high int/avg dmg).

Getting 24% movement speed would also be at the top of the list.

Your options are going to be either lacuni bracers and rare/blackthrone pants (depth diggers has 2 wasted affixes with GF/MF so I dont recommend) or inna's pants and rare/strongarm bracers.

You can pick there... usually the lacuni / BT combo favors more life but does not deliver as much dps potential as a inna's/rare from what I've seen.
Thanks for the ideas. I will check out the AH and see what I can find. Is IAS no good for bear builds? Or is that just icing on the cake after CC and CD?
Is IAS no good for bear builds? Or is that just icing on the cake after CC and CD?

It's good as long as you can support it. Most WD's can't support the IAS because it drains your mana too fast. No mana = no dps.
I think you should just go with your gut feeling. It appears you have done very well on your own
Seems like a nice high dps Skorn with int and life steal might be a good option. I got one yesterday and my DPS went up about 13k, but I am having mana issues. Any recommendations for upping my mana?

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