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Witch Doctor
I recently hit level 60. Been playing through inferno and Im started to collect money well and I want to gear my WD out the best way I can. I dont know what stats to look for on items though. Also is the AH mostly overpriced items? or should I try to buy items through players in game? Any tips will be appreciated.
My budget is roughly 100-150M.
bump. Wondering the same thing
OP - you've gone hard on life % - this is folly. Stack Armour and Vit in those slots. All slots where you can craft better - gloves, ammy, bracers - roll again. They're not good. Your chest makes me want to kick puppies. Get a Zuni chest with as high Vit as you can afford. Come back after you've sorted that junk out, and we can help you get a little higher.
Agree that the OP has stacked too much +life%, that Vit is too low, and that a Zuni chest is a good investment. While I've yet to hit lvl 60 with my WD (he's the last of my classes I've yet to level to 60), I've already got his 'end game' gear ready to go (it helps encourage me to get there).

For simplicity sake, I'd even go for the Zuni boots, ring and mask as well. The ring will provide some nice +crit dam, and the bonuses are good enough to warrant 4 pieces to get the mana regen bonus.

I'd look into bracers which also have +crit chance on it as well. You'll need to get your crit chance up a bit to make the +crit damage worthwhile. I'd look for new gloves and ring with +crit chance and/or +crit damage. I've found +AS with one or the other 'crit' attribute to be an economical way to boost DPS.

The vile ward is good. I went for Depth Digger pants for the Int, Vit, AR, and life regen. I personally like cranking up the life regen as it helps me tank a bit more.

And 100-150 Mil gold is plenty. I think I spent 3-4 Mil on my WD lvl 60 items (I've got the Manajuma weapon set too). If you have patience and bid wisely on the AH, you can make 1Mil go a long way... that's how much my Zuni set cost me.
Thank you all very much for input. First time playing Diablo in general. Friends turned me into a addict. Very much appreciated.
And the goldskin equipped I was using when I helped my friend level up for the additional gold, nevertheless my original chest I was using is still awful.
Also I'd like to point out, Im playing HC. So prices are a bit different.

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