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Greetings fellow Nephalem,

I am new to the WD and just hit 60. I'm on a limited budget/low tier and have built a starter set (few mill). I've already skimmed through the stickies and looked at several builds, but I still have some questions (If they are buried in a sticky thread and I missed it, sorry ahead of time.)

Link to WD profile:

1. Is there any information on tick rates on skills that I should be aware of? Do WD's need to hit breakpoints on skills like acid raid/toads/pool/bears? I saw a guide with proc rates expressed as LoH %'s, but I am referring to frames per tick.

2. (Related to question 1) How much IAS should I be stacking? Right now, I haven't incorporated much IAS because I don't know how many slots and how much IAS I should have if there are bps I should be hitting.

3. (Related to question 2) How much MR on gear should I have? Is Zuni's helm or Zuni's pox worth the 4 piece resource bonus? Thoughts on Visage/Zuni's/Mempo/Tal Rasha helm? I realize this is related to IAS and weapon choice but it's never to early to plan ahead.

4. How much EHP should I have before pushing mid MP (5-7)
a. Slots of AR
b. Armor
c. Health Pool

5. Are their any good low-end budget belts/ what stats should I be looking for? I realize WH is BIS for pretty much every class and defensive stats on WH's are so high in price. Should I be looking to prioritize the belt slot AR or Vit or PUR? (less than a mill)

6. If I gear up should I be dropping PUR? What PUR do I need to maintain for GF/GI?

7. With a limited budget, where should I be looking to stack more CC? Zuni Pox mid CC seem to already fetch a large price tag, and Zuni Vision can only roll one AR/CC/MR. Upgrade jewelry or add slots?

8. Any other general gearing advice, please! Looking for any critique/upgrade suggestions. I saw wtflag's budget guessing thread and he/she was able to achieve better stats than me for much cheaper, so any critiques on spending/gear inefficiencies welcomed!

Thanks for reading the long post, and thanks ahead of time for any response!



Overall current gear budgeted was in the ballpark of 4 - 5 mil (so please keep this in mind when making suggestions. I'm going to assume upgrades will cost in the ballpark of 25 - 75% of the entire set.

On another note, I have a low Avg dmg/ LS Scorn but I am unsure if I should use it or just wait till I can afford a higher end LS Scorn.


1. From what I understand, tick rates are used by Wizards. WDs do not talk tick rates as most/all of our DoT skills have fixed tick rates.

2. Most WDs will use 2 AS items. Witching Hour belt and another gear piece to get 24 movement speed when used with Zuni boots. So either Inna's pants or Lacuni Bracers.
After that it depends on build and play style.
We have no break points by build for AS. Your break point will be when you don't have enough mana to support your skills. AS works as negative mana. If your regen can't support your AS you go Out of Mana (OoM) and you die from being unable to defend yourself.

Read this if you want to see how AS impacts the bears skill -- Attack Speed vs Mana Usage (Bears Example) - .

3. You already have the 4 piece Zuni set. If you want to go past MP6 then this is not optional with a Skorn.
The only real choice for mana reduction for a Skorn user is a SoJ ring. And that is best used by uber WDs that are out DPSing everything.

4. Past MP5-6 you will want -- 40K plus HP, 4000 armor, 700 all resist in inventory.

5. Get a high int belt, with vit, armor, and allres if possible. The belt you have isn't bad. Witching Hours have come down in price lately.

6. This will depend on your play style. Mr Rakimallah has written up a lot on your build which has been tweaked with Sacrifice, I suggest you read his build thread, Rakimallah's Zombie Bear/Sac Dog Build .
There is no exact match to your build, I suggest you use his build with Sacrifice.

7. If you want to increase your DPS, then a Witching Hour would be you best purchase. You will otherwise upgrade every piece of gear you are wearing if you keep playing WD.

8. Read the New to Level 60 Section of Index to Witch Doctor Builds and Guides . There are two gearing articles in there and one I wrote called Intro to the Inferno WD.

Then you can read the two BIS WD articles in the Other Guides Section for more gear advice.

I think overall your gear isn't too bad and you should play some to get the feel of your character. If you want to go past MP1-2, I would use the LS Skorn.
Thanks so much Nephalem Skywalker!

I appreciate the time you took to answer my questions.

For DoT skills, I had wasn't sure if they were fixed or not so I wanted to double check. Didn't want to waste slots or gold on IAS. This post really helped tie everything together (as I went over the individual intro 60 and bear/bear variant guides but wanted to make sure I was gearing correctly, particularly regarding resource.) (Used to a barb so resource management is counter to the resource generation I'm used to.)

Thanks for the tips!


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