Looking for some help (cm)

I really want to be farming mp 5-7 easily but I do not know where to start with upgrading my gear. I'm looking to spend roughly 500 million or so. If anyone could help me with some tips or if they have some items to sell that would fit in my budget it would be greatly appreciated!!


You need more attack speed, crit chance, all res, and armor. Gems need to be upgraded to at the very least stars. Get a The Witching Hour with at least vit, armor, or all res. Need to get gloves with Crit chance, IAS, Int, and at least 1 defensive stat, preferably 2. Need to get a much high dps wand (1050 minimum IMO) with either OS or IAS is up to you. The +0.25 attacks per second ones will save you a lot of attack speed gear requirements. Get a storm crow with at least 4% crit chance. Chest needs to be upgraded to either more AR or a good armor + something else. Black thorne's leggings should have 200+ vit, armor, AR or a combination. Replace you Unity with a rare with good crit chance, attack speed, int, and any combination or AR, armor, vit, life%, crit damage, strength, just what you can afford. Your chantodo's force has a terrible damage roll on it, look for at least 250 average damage. Tal Rashas Ammy is no good, you should grab a rare with good crit chance and crit damage, and combination of int, vit, AR, armor, life %, attack speed, LoH, whatever you can find and afford.

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