Zunimassa's Pox WTS

Witch Doctor
This is the best item ive found, unfortunately, but i need help accuratley pricing it!


ill buy it for 200m
looking for more than that, mines better than most on the AH at the moment and the cheapest on there is 220m, im gunna take time selling this, but thx for the offer!
thats a great offer but before i rush and sell it id like to test the market a bit more
You may as well just wear it yourself, that's 5k dps! :)
i'll do 250m
ive got a 500mil offer, trade is at 5pm so if anyone can beat that before then im still listening!
Makes me even more giddy that I got mine for 80m.
You got a trade for 500m? With no auction house fees? That's a ridiculously high offer for that item. What a sucker. Good job selling.
I sure did, he really wanted it, which makes sense its a great ring.
On AH right now ending in 3 hours

27-49 Average Dmg
85 Int
4 cc
33 cd
67 all res
Open Socket

CO is only 115m. Place your bids on this baby!

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