Sokihr kills my monk in hardcore with one hit

Bug Report
This is the second time my Monk has been killed in hardcore in the Oasis, Act II, by Sokahr the Keywarden. He is killed in one hit, whereas otherwise he's been mopping up all enemies. And other character types I've played have not had this problem.
hate to tell you this...
but they JUST nerfed all the wardens last patch so they were pretty useless in normal-hell. then they get their abilities back in inferno.

im saying this because i see your monk was 44 the one that died. so... ya.
you just werent ready for that level. technically i can destroy stuff many times too just by putting a big ruby in a socket to make dps go up. that doesnt make me take any less damage though.
Did you hit him with a wave of light while he's spinning? Or did you have a hellfire ring? Either one is probably possible to one shot yourself.

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