Best Build and skill to use for XP farming?

Witch Doctor
Title says it all really :D

Thank you! ^^
I used to use Spirit Walk/Jaunt, Horrify/(movespeed rune), bears build with thing of deep, movespeed on bracers/boots and the grave injustice/spirit vessel/gruesome feast combo... could move pretty fast through the lower levels with the constant speed buffs...
pestilence with the 3 movement speed skills
i made a video on it please watch

Its the best build and route

Its the best build and route

Would not be so confident of that.
until i see one better ?=]
03/15/2013 07:25 PMPosted by MMDY
until i see one better ?=]

The run you posted was actually quite slow, especially for it being MP0. Replacing Darts with Locust Swarm Pestilence would speed things up a lot.
MMDY with a bit of research you can find much better builds and routes and micro.

with last patch pretty easy for no crit bears can go over 100mil xp/h now.
jaunt stalker chicken vengeance acid rain sacrifice(pride) grave injustice circle of life spirit vessel and at least 27 pur for the typical act3

bears bbv jaunt stalker vengeance mass confusion or devouring swarm br gf for act1 repeat dungeon style on high mp
the crazy suicide chicken build my friend its the fastest Wd build i know and can be run in mid MP levels i run mp7 with it.
not sure who created this build but its fast and can keep up with dh and barbs.
show my new SC id but its angry chicken haunt horrify jaunt/sw bears and acid and GI GF
03/16/2013 05:20 AMPosted by Damian0216
The problem I see with that is 50% of the time you wont be running with 5 nv stacks and they add a lot of exp bonus.

When you use Cain's and Leorics, the xp bonus from NV is a proportionally smaller bonus.

Chuck knows his stuff:

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