New DH needs help - what am I doing wrong?

Demon Hunter
I've only been seriously playing my Demon Hunter for a while and finished Normal to Hell on MP10. Now I'm on Inferno Act 1 and I'm GASPING at MP2. I'm not exactly getting one shot but I'm still facing survivability issues, especially with the Butcher.

I'm breezing by at MP0 but I figured a higher MP would allow me to farm better and reach a higher paragon level faster - guess I thought wrong. Can anyone look at my gear and build and let me know what I'm doing wrong? Where am I going wrong, is it my gear or my build or simply my gameplay?
What DH are you using Esh or Corvo?
I cant see what your DPS is for some reason. It's saying 18.56 lol but from what I see, you need more Crit Chance. As for skills try using Bola Shot +Imminent Doom as left click and Elemental Arrow+Ball Lightning as right click. Lose Smoke Screen and put on Rain of Vemgeance+ Beastly Bombs for when you get surrounded. Also i'd get rid of Steady Aim and put Perfectionist.

Popping Shadow Power with Gloom whenever it's up and using EA when low on health you can usually face tank most mobs
I'm using Corvo as my main!

My damage was at 18.56 because I rage quit after my gear durability went into the red after going down to Butcher on Inferno MP2. If you click on my hero profile again (Corvo) you'd see that I'm sitting at only around 70k dps.

And thank you for the wonderful reply - I will definitely give your recommendation a shot. I never really prioritized Crit Chance but tried to shoot for straight up Dexterity. Didn't do that too well either as you can see.
Ya you would be amazed out how high your DPS jumps with crit chance and crit damage
How much Crit Chance and Crit Damage should I be looking at? I've read that DHs should always be looking at 100% CD or something but I could have read wrong.

Also, any idea how much new and better gear will cost me? I've been playing the AH for a while but I haven't been able to make much headway. Pretty new to this all, y'see.

Thanks for the help so far mate :)
A good amount of CC is 50%+ as for crit damage you can never have to much imo. im at 484% CD. As for the AH are you looking to spend gold or RM?
Thank you for the information!

And I'm looking to spend some gold! RM isn't an option for me right now, unfortunately. How much gold do you think I'll have to spend? Haven't got much but I'm thinking of farming Leoric Signet to raise some gold.
First thing i'd do is change out compass rose+travelers pledge.. DH move speed is capped at 25%, you're way over and the dex on them isn't a bonus.
Then switch out prowlers for some Strongarm bracers unless you have the newest dex bracer plans, then i'd say take a chance at crafting.. you can pickup like 220+ dex 4-6CC which will boost your dmg.

CC/CD, AR, Dex, IAS, Vit <-- ;]
i'd say 10-15 mil as of right now will get you some good items.. look for new shoulders, rings and ammy..
@MadRussian - DAMNNNNN i completely missed that. I'll swap out my compass rose for a Hellfire when I get to craft mine! Thanks for the heads up! I'm really enjoying the 50% Critical Damage from the Compass Rose + Travelers Pledge set though..

@XxNitewolfxX - Got it, thank you so much! I appreciate the recommendations and advice. :)
You can get rings/ammy's with 50% crit dmg each AND crit chance which will boost dps also.

So 50% for both.. or 60-100& crit dmg for both. (forgot ammy can go to 100%crit dmg so 60-150 ;P)

+you can make up and probably pass that +100 vit bonus also if you mess with crafting a vit or dex amulet.

The only downside to it all is farming for the gold. v.v
Sounds fantastic, I'll just do my best to farm smart and pray hard that I get a good legendary to put up on the AH then! Might have to drop the MF for Vit/All Res gear for survivability. Thank you so much for the input! I appreciate it ^^
I can probably give you some better shoulder (without MF).

Did you ever try Life on hit. Really usefull with high attack speed.

sorry for my english....

add me if you want new free shoulder.

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