Hey Can i get a little help on my WD

Witch Doctor
I really like the zombie bears build. But it seems like the wd is so squishy just a few hits and i am almost dead. I do ok on mp6, but there are a few champs that give me some problems. I would like to know what i can do to improve my survivability or what skills i should change to be able to stay alive.The wd does amazing against large groups 15 and up but up against a nasty Champ he can have some problems. I would say the most bothersome Champs i run into would be the wing Terror, and shamans, those fire balls %@*!!%!* when they hit plus you have to keep following them so its hard to get them with zombie bears the skill has a slight delay and they some times can move out of range. Pretty much any time I am not spaming my bears to get the life steal and my spiders to get life on hit its hard to stay alive. Any builds advice is welcome

Drop grave injustice and gruesome feast then use jungle fortitude and blood ritual for your passive. You also need 1 more attack skill to deal with fast movement speed target like acid clound or spirit barrage if u put some life on hit on your gear acid clound would be nice may be change soul harvest or horrify to put one of attack skill in. If that still not enough for u get amerthyst on helm then and try to craft a better amulet.
Thanks for the advice. I have been try to craft a better Amulet, i got 200 trys and still nothing better but i will pop soon, i am about to craft another 100; as for amethyst in the helm i always switch em up for doing xp runs as well at the crappy hellfire ring i have, i about to craft 20 more of those to see if i can get a better one, heres hoping
I never could get into spirit barrage but life on hit with acid clound would be nice. I will try it out
Thanks again.

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