My one and only new legendary suggestion

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My one and only legendary suggestion:

Alara's Helm of Chance
+150-250 life regen
+71-80 resist all
+1 random
+.01-.5% chance to trigger any number of unlisted effects

In short, luck's always to blame.

The unlisted effects might be grouped into epic, helpful, hurtful, and comedic, as follows:

-x10 damage boost
-invulnerable to either haunt, hungering arrow, or whirlwind attacks
-summon a key warden to aid you (doesn't drop loot)

-movement speed bonus
-cast a poison nova
-cast a fireball
-cast gloom
-chance to charm enemies
-frenzy bonus
-magic find bonus
-+5% chance fear on hit
-+5% chance freeze on hit
-+25% chance to knockback on hit
-summon a demon to aid you
-reduce all damage by 8% via shield of bones
-knockback all enemies 15 yards
-cast mirror image
-+5% bonus xp
-you are restored to full health

-movement speed reduction
-summon a keywarden that attacks you and drops no loot
-lose all your resistances
-all skills cost twice as many resource points
-unable to use portals, waypoints, or level entrances/exits
-unable to use one randomly selected skill slot
-your attacks are reduced to 10% damage

-turn yourself into a chicken
-turn an enemy into a chicken
-5% chance for each attack to cause you to teleport to a random location
-50% chance for each successful attack to teleport the enemy you hit to a random location
-summon a ghost who shouts various insults at you
-summon a different ghost who shouts insults at your enemies and encourages you (and each ghost occasionally mentions how they hate the other one)
-you lose all control of your character's movement via demonic possession

the devs might add/modify/remove as needed

---The idea here is to add flavor to the game by making it more unpredictable. The overpowered effects are negated by the ones that might get you killed. Players might equip this if they are just bored, feel too underpowered, or if they want to make the game harder.


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