I love my new WD :)

Witch Doctor
Hi WD community. I am fairly new here kindly check my gear and tell me where and what i can improve on. :) btw i am a d3 returnee 3 months hiatus hehehe (soo pls be gentle).
btw with the build Im using i can easily farm till mp6 and kinda struggle on higher mps(7-10) even with my 700+ LOH and 3% LS and can cast zombie bears nonstop (no mana issues).

Thanks :)
Your 700 LoH isn't much good to you as you aren't using a skill with a high proc rate. If you want to take advantage of it add AC to your build.

Your defensive stats aren't bad, 41K life is on the low side for MP7 plus.

Pierce the Veil probably works for you on MP6 or less, however as you move up in MP, monsters take longer to kill and it becomes very counter-productive to use. I would suggest you use Gruesome Feast instead.

I suggest you lose the LoH Pox (unless adding the AC skill) and get one with crit chance, or higher int, or both.

If you are serious about playing higher MP then you need 24 Movement speed. So you should work Lacuni bracers or Inna's pants into your build.

That should give you a few things to work on.

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