[Video]10MP Uber solo-kill videos with Skorn

Witch Doctor
Note: I saw these 10MP Uber solo-kill videos using Skorn in other forum and repost here to share. The WD in the video is not me. Hope the skills in the video can help those who are interested in solo those bosses using Skorn.


That WD's


Boss-kill Status:

Boss-kill builds:

Gargantuan: Stunning bosses and as a shield for you
Zombie Bear: DPS
Spirit Walk: Gain Mana and escape from death
Soul Harvest: Buff
Hex: Extremely important for Khule
Horrify: Make you stronger and escape from death

Spirit Vessel: Escape from death
Blood Ritual: Very important to extend your bear time
Spiritual Attuement: More mana regen, more bears

"I only got into SV twice during all 3 packs Boss. And both of them are in soloing Siege & Khule. That's because I tried to save time and kill them effectly. In fact it's safer to seperate them and kill them one by one. Generally the required EHP for solo is not that high, with Skorn, 80k+ life and 700+ all res already enough."

NOW ARE THE VIDEOS (There might be 15s ads before videos start):
Siege & Khule:

"There are some spots near each pillar that you can make 3 bears in one line, maximizing ur dps. Those spots might be 1 or 2 yards in front of the pillar. Unfortunately I can't find that exact spot. You can see at the beginning of the video I spead bears in two lines, which means I'm already very close to those spots. The prefect status should be u can make ur 3 bears into 1 line without destorying the pillars."

Ghom & Rakanoth

"Try to make them surround you and then you can make all ur bears hit them. Use Horrify to increase ur armor."

Skeleton King & Magda

"With enough DPS, EHP, ARMOR, ALL RES and LIFE, you can easily kill them"
lolz. looks like he found my build! It's gone worldwide!

EDIT: kindly don't take that as an ego trip. It's just me saying "whooop!"
How long does this guy take to kill each Uber in minutes? Curious what his real DPS is. Tried watching those videos but it wasnt working well for my comp.

Siege & Khule: 4:07
Ghom & Rakanoth: 2:29
Skeleton King & Magda: 4:37

Sorry for the videos problems. They are OK to watch in my PC.
How do people get this 100% crit chance? I didn't see one white number pop up when he was playing. I see sooooo many vids like this, there has to be something to it. I ran 55 CC at one point and still didnt see this amount of critting.

NVM, I think he just turned off regular numbers so only crits show. IDK how to do it though.

In Gameplay - Hub, you can see those options, Display Damage Numbers and Display Critical Damage Numbers.
Thanks Kleinite! Been looking for an example like this for MP10 ubers for awhile :)

Thanks! I appreciated that :)

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