Survivability Issues

Witch Doctor
I can solo mp5 farm/ubers w/e just fine. However whenever I play mp7+ my survivability is significantly lower.
I do ubers w/ others and I literally can't hit Savage Beast at all without spirit walk on or I kill myself in 1 second. Even some elite combos pose significant problems for me. Is this just the point where I'm in need of upgrades or should I be able to handle mp7 with my gear?
Main issue, health sustainability.
I'm open to suggestions as far as build or gear for any help.

Thanks guys
You need to upgrade. You're about where I'm at but you have a lot lower Armor then me. You should try and get your Armor up to 4k. We both have low All Res as well. I'm soloing MP5 by my self with not problems. I'm going to need to up my DPS by 20k and AR by another 200 or so to advance in the higher MP's.
If you are dying with one spirit barrage to reflects damage, you need a lot more damage mitigation, such as All Resists and Armor, without sacrificing too much damage and HP.
Looks like you have around 540 AR at this point. That won't be enough damage mitigation.

Put your WD into and you can see how much DPS or EHP new items will get you, while you are shopping the AH.
a techniquie ive implemented is rain of toads w/loh , ull be suprised how much dmg one can take while spaming rain

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