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Hello all,

I'm having a hard time soloing MP3 inferno with a demon hunter (I know my gears are not perfect).
I'm wondering what are the top 2 best solo classes for inferno?

Thank you for answering. I appreciate.
Your gear, is not for mp3. And your build for that gear AND mp3 is terribad. Class change wont help.
You're going to get varied answers from the people that play different classes due to their preferences. I thoroughly enjoy my Witch Doctor, and I have a very capable Barbarian. I also have the other three classes at level 60 as well.

I prefer the witch doctor.
I know that, I'm still trying different build. But there isnt the question. What are the 2 best classes to solo inferno (equivalent gears)?

Thank you.
03/09/2013 07:49 AMPosted by NextGen
equivalent gears

That's a different question, really.
Barb/Monk would be pretty good as you would rarely die

Witch doctor is good for AOE clears like on Arreat core
Crit/Arcane power on crit and a CM/WW build you can scrape together with like less than 10mill and easily run MP5+ with perma FN
03/09/2013 08:19 AMPosted by Zaxxon23
Your gear, is not for mp3. And your build for that gear AND mp3 is terribad. Class change wont help.

He asked for help nicely and without whining, unlike so many other people on this forum. No need to insult him.

How did I insult him? Since when any criticism is considered as an insult lol. He should use da brain and try to do something instead of going to forum and asking wnich class can faceroll everything with zero effort put in. And my answer is monk. It may not be as fast as barb, but it needs less gear amd is easier to play. Look for monks builds centered around Sweeping Wind, get an uber cheap Innas belt helm and smthing else just to get the bonus for reduced spirit cost and voila.
U didn't even bother to check my profile on eu? How ... surprising. I play self-found sc dh and what does that have to do with the topic?? Even if I wouldn't have any characters how is that related to his question and my answer? I even have more elite kills than you do XD
OP the cheapest and easiest class to build and farm with is by far the WW barb. Monks can do quite well but will cost 4-5 times more to farm the same MP as a barb. CM wiz comes in third IMO as the gear costs are expensive. WD IMO is 4th and the DH is dead last IMO. Not saying that any class is not capable just giving my opinion.
I have all classes to 60 but the most time in Monk and Wiz. Monk is about a third faster than CM Wiz and a lot more fun imho
03/09/2013 09:21 AMPosted by Risen
Wiz CM and barb sprint/WW, thats really it bro, dudes saying what they prefer, i say whats the best.

Err no. :p What's best is very subjective, and since you play neither, how can you say they're best?

A CM/WW wiz is an absolute terrible choice for a newcomer to inferno. Even people with 50 million gold that roll a wiz as a secondary character find themselves suddenly failing hard by underestimating the amount to spend on mitigation. It's extremely expensive if you want to gear a CM wiz that actually does damage. As a solo class, I wouldn't recommend it. It's good in teams, but OP is asking for SOLO class here. Not cm wiz. :)

But I do agree with you on barb sprint/ww, barb is probably the best solo class.
DH is the WORST solo class in inferno by a mile and OP should be farming on MP0.

Barb and monk are the easy way to go. You can get a full set of gear that trumps your entire DH set for about 250k.
Yes, OP gear not too good. For ANY class. MP1 at most, will still get same quality of drps. DH is a very expensive class to gear.
Thank you for all the replies. I appreciate the hints.
I like to !@#$%^-* puppies.
1st ww brab
2nd archon wiz
3rd monk

gear price monk > wiz

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