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I'm not exactly sure what to do for my poison build. The original idea is to locust swarm a mob, grasp of the dead for kiting, and then spam bears once they are in place. And once my mana is gone, just spam plauge of toads, and when in danger just spirit walk away to avoid cc from an elite or to heal hp. And I do realize this build can sometimes be pretty mana hungry but I'm not sure if I should replace one of the passives with spiritual attunement. And, I'm not sure what skills to get, so, pls tell me any suggestions or changes to my build. I really need the help :P
Remove as many attack skills as possible.

I'd personally try RoT and Acid Rain as a base. It uses Life on Hit really well to maintain your HP. Acid rain and RoT ensure Bad Medicine is applied. If you have mana problems, replace PtV with either blood ritual, vision quest, or spiritual attunement. You'll have to find which one you like best.

If you particularly like locust, bears, or grasp, just try it out.

Look for a better helmet with a socket, that should be really easy. And I mean really easy to find on the AH.

Also as far as gear, just get more damage and more all resists, for starters, without sacrificing HP.

If you want advice on which skills to replace all of your attacks with, please ask. Otherwise just try some things out, pets, crowd control, whatever you like.
Here's my current build and it is also a poison/proc build


The build you are showing up there is what I call my Ironman build.

I throw SH out of my build and take LS.

Then I throw BR out and take PtV.

Wow that Ironman build will teach you how to use Locusts.

Anyway, you could use my build and substitute Locusts for SH or Hex. Or you could sub it for AC.

I would first buy a Pox ring and Zuni helm so you can complete the Zuni set, which will greatly relieve your mana problems and increase your DPS. I have a couple of each piece if you want to do some trading.

Ask if you have more questions.
In terms of gear, am I even on the right track lol cause currently I'm on 61 k dmg and I'm not sure if that's an ok amount for a wd at my lvl. Plus I'm currently bidding on strongarm bracers, pox, and vile ward, hopefully I'll get them but my main worry is that my wd will lack in dmg when farming and doing runs.
You cannot randomly buy gear pieces and hope your DPS will improve.

Join D3up.com and learn how to use the simulate feature for comparing items. Keep an eye on your DPS, HP, armor, and resistances.

You should be aiming for 700 resistances in your inventory, 4000 armor, and 40K HP. Then you try to get as much DPS as you can while maintaining the other attributes.

Learning to use the calculator will really help you buy good upgrades, and you will come to understand DPS.
I personally like my current build (may be a cookie cutter build):


I know I can maybe improve on some things, but I like where this is at currently. The darts + Thunderfury proc is really fun and does amazing damage. Zombie bears is one of my favorite play styles since it forces me to be mid-line and kite. I also like Zombie Bears because it has good synergy with Big Bad Voodoo and Mass Confusion in terms of positioning in conjunction with a tank. I usually play with my buddy who is a monk and this build helps me support him very well without sitting behind a horde of fetishes and falling asleep doing so. One thing I'd probably change is the rune for Mass Confusion... I think the "Paranoia" rune is a clear winner.

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