I must've broken the auction house

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Before this most recent patch, as I lvled, rare drops's stats seemed to be progressively better, still mainly junk, but once in a while, like every 2 weeks, I'd get a drop that I thought might fetch more than 200k on the AH.. So after the patch EVERYthing has this real high dmg to atker stat and any real stats are just gone. So I'm grinding and craft some archon here and there and I inspect this other monk, 4 lvl 100 characters, and she has 3 crafted amulets that have crazy high crit, critdmg,atk speed stats, so since I've burned up all 30 of my burning essences on dex amulets and resulted in nothing of any real significance, I recalled seeing some junk leg on AH, so I buy out 5 of them, salvage them, craft 5 amulets that were also junk, and when I go back to buy 5 more from the AH, it let me buy 1, but every consecutive one would result in an error, even skipped a page since there are so many that are worht nothing more than a tenth of a burnng essence, then I tried auctioning a belt and a level reduced wpn I just looted from a prior game on the AH and it took the belt, but not the wpn reporting me as having 50 items in completed, although i have only 42 completed, so I MUST've borkend the AE(I call it the auction emporium since blizz obviously tweaks the pricing and availability of the items on it).
The hell did I just read?
Just my general dissatisfaction with the game. I mean I could go on about how within 2 rounds I looted 2 rare items with identical names, one was a helm, the other was pants. I've looted a weapon once that's name was something related to fire with extra fire damage although it had a proc on it with like 3% chance to chill on hit. With the passive skill one with everything and certain gear I have up to 840 res all but on only mp3 4 player if I'm in fire I die in no time flat but am able to solo fine on mp10 with only a death on every 3rd elite pack or so with identical build and gear; the stat system gives no real indication of what your character's capabilities are. There has been no content update and issues are not resolved, just shuffeling around in database tables to look like changes and a 4X4 room to swing at other players. Gold farmers are back in general chat spamming their websites. If I block torrent sites and ports to keep my little bro from dling pirated software and in turn keeping my mail free from my ISP notifications of this, it inhibits the game's ability to update properly(if it ever did). I have 2 different tablets, a notebook, a cellphone and through none of them can I activate authentication to even look at the RMAH since none use google play(like that matters for security since there are so many bozos who root their phones and scammers out to take advantage of it). The whole game is just so flat and 90's it's depressing that with current game functionality out, there was not more development involved. \walls of text
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