What should i do about my ammy?

Some may shoot me for posting this lol ... but my biggest gripe is the 7 ias which prevents me from going ias wand and losing the lacuni's along with another ias piece ... the CD is one of the lowest possible rolls and i feel its holding me back, on the upside i do have about 275 int on it to help dmg out

i'm not exactly certain as to what i should do, i'm searching for upgrades and have come down to my lacuni's and witching hour for mitigation but don't exactly know where to go

Would it be possible to turn this into a general help thread?

The bracers can be replaced with lacuni's that are 9 IAS, 5.5cc, 20 all res, and 384 total armor

Just looking for someone else's opinion and advice since I'm a little stuck for upgrades and need a fresh pair of eyes to look over my gear
I'd replace that nat ring w/ something that has cc or cd instead of the measly 87 loh, replace the bt pants w/ AR/INT/VIT roll, and throw a vit gem in that ammy to displace the lost vit.

just my 2c.
Thank you jobe! I really appreciate the advice : )

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