How's My WD?

Witch Doctor
I'm new to Witch Doc's just got mine to 60 and geared him. how does he look?
get rid of the mempo for a zuni helm, get gloves with CC and get more HP, I wouldn't recommend using PTV either seeing as you have no mana regen.
Where's your 24 movement speed? Inna's pants with int and vit would be my suggestion.

Mojo needs a makeover -- up the damage 100-400 (250 average damage in search box), get plus mana and/or zombie bear reduction. More crit if possible, more elite damage, and try to keep int as high as possible.

The vitality you have your mojo is really nice, but all the other stats are not so good. The main reason to use a mojo is for damage, and mana modifiers. To me all other stats, including vitality, are nice to haves.

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