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you can fixe in the patch 1.9.999.999999999 or an another day?

thanks ;)

My bug

(ré-up 18.03.2013)
okidoki, i am very bad in english but i try

probleme on achievement
"Just Deserts" (acte 2) (i explore all areas but achievement not "finish" ...).

→ i can't finish achivement "Wanderer of Caldeum" because i have not "Just Deserts"
→ i can't finish achivement "A World of Pain" because i have not "Wanderer of Caldeum"

→ i have not finish campain to 100% becaus BUG

My bug
on picture = 1000 words

ty for fixe
Ive got the same problem with field work and just desserts achievements
Same problem with "The Exalted Few".
Both requirements are met and they are marked, but the achievement is not counted.
I have this problem for half a year and you still haven't fixed it.
Easy to "deleted", more hardcore to fixe ^^
03/18/2013 11:21 AMPosted by Liogela
Your original post doesn't have a screenshot of anything. It's just a link to imgur. If you intended to show an actual bug with your account, please delete the link and instead provide a detailed description of your problem (I prefer not to click on random links if at all possible). Otherwise, please stop bumping the thread.

click the link.

it shows a picture of the achievement with all the requirements completed. however, it isnt giving them credit.

..and since the D3 forum doesnt allow image tags for posting then a link to the picture is the best thing to show the proof.
I'm also seeing this issue with the "Beastmaster of Tristram" achievement, as noted here:

Very disheartening to hear this is an issue for so many for so long. : (
Ty you for the help Morogoth
The achievement 'in the mountains' has not been rewarded for me, see screenshot:

Could you also look into this?
A couple more reports of this same issue popped up today:

Thanks for looking into this!
03/26/2013 11:27 AMPosted by Liogela
We'll take a look at all achievements listed in this thread and let you know what we find.

thank you for looking in to this problem.

from what i hear from people this is due to them completing quests in the first weeks when there were achievement issues. some of these achievements that people list i have completed recently. like the "stay a while and listen" one.

it may come down to the suggestion ive made before. make a hotfix to detect when all requirements are done but no completed status exists. then have it reset the achievement completely. while people would have to redo the achievement at least they would be able to complete it.
Thank you Xiet for crosslinking my Taking Notes and Grand Lorekeeper of Sanctuary issue to this thread and thank you Liogela for finally acknowledging these posts and earned yet unawarded achievement problems.

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