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thanks xiet for the link. the ones that are not working for me are as follows:

grand beastmaster of sanctuary
a world of pain
in the mountains
wanderer of tristam
beastmaster of tristam
the last of the horadrim

these are all the ones i am aware of atm. i got 73% total achieves with this unfinished so rest of them should be working fine.
they did something like this in the first few months after launch but mine never got reset. so i didnt even get to redo them. just left them as un complete even tho all ofthe checks are done
I have this very same problem; Just Deserts is not awarded. This also blocks out a couple of other achievements which require Just Deserts.

I remember being awarded this achievement during the first couple of days I played (back during the launch), but then there were the problems with the Achievement Servers and whatnot, so many of the achievements had to be redone. Just Deserts is somehow not awarded, perhaps because the game thinks it is already awarded?
Another report, just to keep this thread as comprehensive as possible:
Found another thread of these reports, this one originating in June 2012 but spanning until present, with many different users chiming in:
also have act 2 incomplete bug achievement

I have the same problem with [The Jewel of the East]. All is here :

Thanks for help to fix this bug ;)
Hello, my name is Tony. I just realized that one of the achievements is bugged. The achievement is "A Life With Meaning". I leveled my Blacksmith to level 10, but I did not get the original achievement, which is acquire the blacksmith. Can you please fix it? Thanks in advance!



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According to my player stats I have collected 27.854.445 gold and killed 15.614 elite packs, but the gold achievement says 26.031.516/100 mil and elite pack achievement says 14.046/20.000.

I also have the exact same bug as OP and I think I know why and why the numbers above are wrong. Achievements didn't work properly at launch so the gold collected and elite packs killed weren't counted for a while. I must have completed all the quests in act 2 before achievements started working and for some reason I never got the achievement when it should work. I can collect 100mil+ mil gold and kill 20k+ elite packs, but completing the quests again doesn't do a thing.
Similar problem with "Return Business" achivment. I am at 97% achivments done and would like to finish "Blacksmith" tab...
The only one I'm sure that I'm missing is "To the Smithy!", the achievement for recruiting the blacksmith, and normally awarded upon completing the quest "A Shattered Crown". I have since repeated that quest several times, on normal mode, after each of the previous patches that were supposed to fix this problem.

I hope the necessary data is available to properly backdate these missing achievements, so that they will display when they were originally earned, rather than the date of the fix. Are the individual criteria timestamped in the database, or just the achievements?
Same here with 'Thorough Investigation'. All checks are marked but I didn't get it. I got these in the first days of the game aswell, when there were some problems with the achievements. Most were reset, but this got stuck.
Got a similar issue, but with the achievement Judge of character X.x

Everything’s completed, yet no credit for the achievement:
03/29/2013 10:07 AMPosted by Liogela
what the best steps to proceed with a solution will be.

reset the broken achievements. this guarantees they dont encounter problems imo.
they will have to do them over, but thats not really an issue tbh. the big issue is achieves cant be completed at all for some.
i got a achievment bug, too. The 4 Belial Achievments are clear, but the Mainachievment dont work.
I communicate with the customer Support, but nobody can't help me yet.
Here's the Link

Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase Help ;(((((

And Sry 4 the horrible english ;P

Some additional threads:

A comprehensive thread dating from July 2012 until now:

A couple of recent individual reports: (report reposted above)

Another multiple-user report. Not sure if these are all the same issue, but #10 is for sure:

Thanks for continuing work on this issue!
Got the same bug with Beastmaster of the High Heavens, only achievement that is bugged for me which is annoying.
My unearned campaign achievement is the Historian of Tristram in Act 1. All 17 books are marked as read.

And if I ever find that Fecklar's Ghost.....

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