What item is your hero's most cherished possession?

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I suppose I will go with my Thing of the Deep, as it has opened up a lot of fun variations on pickup-radius based builds for my Witch Doctor.

I wish I could go with something I found myself, but nothing I've found has out-performed that which I can buy on the GAH. I tried farming for a while, but discovered that farming efficiently first requires you to gear up on the GAH, if not the RMAH.

I rather miss the super-cheap yet effective MF gear (topazes in armor!) in D2 that you could do some decent farming in to start building up better gear. I have not really found inexpensive farming gear to be very effective in D3, at least as soon as one hits Inferno. If I had refused to use the GAH, I think I would have gotten frustrated and given up on D3 by now.
Mempo of Twilight helm on my Wiz.
The Fiery Brimstone from my cc mempo
My WoL Lidless Wall. Really makes me feel unique because there almost no Lidless Walls with CHC.

Also my 25%, OS and LS WKL which I found myself. If only it had 900 dps.
My Guild Wars 2 account because without it, I'd still be playing D3.
My Chandon source, I found it and it has amazing avg dmg :)
Fjord Cutter. Found it. Love axes. Hate to play low-level, but slowly getting used to it...
The Auction House Lol Hehehe
Probably my gloves, because they are the only thing my main is wearing that dropped for him. Everything else is AH or crafted.
My wizard's mempo of twilight. I got it a while ago and it was just the pinnacle of all possible helms, and not common for someone to be able to afford one with crit at the time.
Nothing. The moment I found something better I'd replace it in a heartbeat.
I do like my witch doctor's helm, found it myself, but if something better came along, to the ah it would go.
I have to say my Manticore, which i bought on the AH even though I had found one with 2 sockets.... problem was that manticore was highly intelligent and useless to me.
I like my Tal Rasha's Guise of Wisdom and my rare pants.

According to Diablo Progress there is only one helm (another Tal Guise) with life regen that increases damage more than mine. None of the helms with attack speed and crit chance can roll life regen.

My pants are in a class by themselves. I've never found pants with as much intel (including sockets), vitality, resist all, life regen and magic find. These pants have it all!
My dh's legacy set which I worked so hard to obtain
03/14/2013 06:55 AMPosted by Rayman
My entire gear:

lol love all the random procs...gotta switch the promise of glory for some strongarms for the knockback chance...
I would say my skull grasp ring (not wearing it currently because I am specced for archon right now.) Anyway, it's a str roll but I still use in on my wiz because it has 5 crit chance plus 5 more crit chance to energy twister. Has armor, IAS, and LoH by default. What more could a CM wizard want?
couple legit soj's I found in D2 or my almost perfect EBTOD Thunder Maul, thing was beastly

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