What Gear do I need for full CM spec

So I currently run Archon hybrid and pretty much have capped out at MP7 and I'm thinking of going full CM spec. I have about 600M in gold saved up and need some help on what to purchase. I'm hoping I don't have to switch out too much gear.

Thanks in advance for the advice.
For starters, a 1.65aps Chant's Will+9%ias Chant's Force will get you the 2.73aps breakpoint exactly. However, you'll need to pickup some LoH (~750-900). If you want to do the higher MPs with SNS CM/WW wizards, without having to resort to Energy Armor or Diamond Skin (Crystal Shell), you'll want more damage mitigation (ie Armor and All Resist): at least 4k armor and 600k resist.
You have to get Life on Hit because if you don't, bad things will happen. :p

So if you want to keep your Mempo for crit mass you will need apoc on your Chantodo Force. Otherwise, you get it on Storm Crow, which also has LOH.

Must get another source, though, so either amulet would need swapping, a ring (Unity with no attack speed seems to max at around 328 life on hit -- don't quote me), or on Blackthorne pants.

So I got Blackthorne pants and a Unity ring for the Life on Hit.

But I was on a budget, so I'm sure you can afford to buy a Unity with attack speed. Or you can find all your LOH on an amulet.

All in all, I spent my meager budget on a Chantodo's set, both with apoc for a total of 20, a Unity ring, and Blackthorne pants. Got to keep my Mempo for this setup, which made me very happy.

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