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OK I already bought all the gear for my WD but still debating whether to keep my Skorn or sell it and go with Carving Knife + Mojo. Only problem is every Knife even close to 1K DPS is 200+ Mil. My Skorn is 1350 DPS with 300 int, 180 Crit Damage and 5.7% LS. What DPS Carving Knife would I have to buy to be as good as my Skorn? Also I lose 100% Crit and even 200% if I go with a Red gem, which is what I see most people doing. Also I lose 3% LS. Is it worth it? If Im doing MP 6 or 7 I feel a lot safer with that 5.7% Life steal and extra crit Damage to make my Bears really hurt.
MCK is one of the most overrated and overpriced WD weapons out there. My puny little axe that I paid 150m for outdamages every single MCK on the AH, including the 1012damage/os/100%cd one thats listed for 2b. You can do so much better with just a regular black weapon.

As for 1h vs. 2h, it's a preference. I like to rock a ToTD so I can run up to mp8 with no primaries and still have no mana issues. I do miss the added cushion of a 6% skorn, though. To each his own!
On that note, do you have any suggestions on what I should replace mj MCK for?
Personally, I prefer Skorn.
I'd recommend keeping the Skorn and patiently shopping on a 1H and ToTD so that you can experiment with both.

With some patience you can find decent 1H weapons near or over 1K DPS for around 10 million. Look for yellow weapons, Butcher Sickles, and/or Echoing Furies with black damage, INT, life steal, and socket, with either 960+ DPS and CD, or 1100+ DPS without CD. LOH is an added bonus. Black damage is important since you will probably eventually have 13 to 22% dmg from a combination of Zuni Boots, Tal Rasha's Amy, and SOJ.

When gearing for you Skorn, you'll want at least 2, probably 3 items with pick up radius because many WD builds have a lot of synergy from Grave Injustice and Gruesome Feast with pick up radius.

As I geared up, and was under 100k DPS, I could only take MP10 Ghom solo with my Skorn. And Zombie Bears was fine with my 1Her and 3% LS until I started to hit the 130k-ish DPS range when it really started to hurt, but with Skorn I still don't notice it too much.

This might sound like an endorsement of Skorn, but the truth is that there is a lot of fun to be had with 1H builds, and ToTD just really makes you a vacuum cleaner for farming without requiring pick up radius on any other gear.
03/18/2013 05:47 PMPosted by AstralWolf
When gearing for you Skorn, you'll want at least 2, probably 3 items with pick up radius

Pickup radius is really only good for builds with GI. I like the passive GF as well or better with no pickup radius, as you choose when to run through health globes.

I currently have no pickup radius and at most have only used 1 gear piece with it, but I have never used the Passive GI with my Skorn.

It depends on the build you want to run, if you use a Proc build with a Skorn, you will have a hard enough time getting procs on gear much less adding pickup radius too.

Best to figure your build out, and then gear for it.
There are pros/cons for either Skorn or 1H/OH. Either approach is viable and all comes down to play-style. The reasons I prefer Skorn are:
- 2x Life-Steal
- More Mana Efficient
- I Like Big Crits :)

Some people can't live with the slower cast animations, but that was never really an issue for me.
161k DPS unbuffed with my Skorn and 20 pick up radius I think this will work.
03/18/2013 06:33 PMPosted by skywalkerfx
Best to figure your build out, and then gear for it.

That's really the best advice.

So for the OP, my recommendation is keep the Skorn and shop for an attainable 1H/OH combo as you level up to 60. If you are gearing up on a budget, you will probably find that Skorn gives you the highest DPS options initially, but that 1H/OH begin to close the gap as you improve them along with the rest of your gear. And if you're rich, just keep the Skorn because you can. :)

At that point, the tradeoff will probably be between the higher LS and fewer mana issues with Skorn versus the versatility and agility that 1H/OH provides (e.g. using String of Skulls OH so you can swap out one of the other Zuni item slots but still keep the mana regen set bonus, leveraging the ToTD vaccuum effect, playing with ability bonuses like SB dmg bonus or Bears cost reduction, or trying a 0 dogs build if you can afford the gear for that).

IMO, that is one of the best parts of the WD class. There really are a lot of very different build options available that can each be effective. And there are a lot of opportunities to use different gear for different builds, with overlapping synergies. At least for me, personally, I find that the other classes gravitate towards a much more limited set of de facto builds.

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