rain doctor/ proctor builds...anybody?

Witch Doctor
is this build still being used? i played this game since launch and this was one of them more popular build back then. with my simple stats, i can play act7 but progress through it so slow.

it is a very defensive build...i am just playing this because i like it. tried bears, it was awesome but just not my style.. spirit was interesting but had no kick, while this one leeches the life out of enemies. my lifesteal is nothing great but it enables me to stand in pools of poison and fire.

i guess that this is just a build that is here just for fun now...i hope other people are having fun with it as well
Proctor is viable, and some of the affixes help quite a bit.

The unfortunate truth that in standard (i.e. non 0dog builds) if you aren't casting bears you aren't being as efficient as you could be. I use stun/freeze and only sparingly use AC for proc effects on difficult packs.

I think you need some more DPS. Bears really start to shine above 100k.
You can check this out for more builds:

Although, I used to play proctor and it is a fun build, Bears and 0dog have the most damage output and efficiency wise. But like how I used to say, efficiency and cookie cutting is boring :P

If you want to make the most of the proctor build, get a VoG with Acid Rain crit and CC + SoJ with Acid Rain crit too... and to keep your set, use a good SoS.. :)
yes...currently saving up for a good Manajuma's carving knife. the one i have now, i got for 1 mil. i currently have 9mil(this is a lot for me) what can i buy to up my DPS?

the big stinker used to proc like crazy, it is a shame that it was nerfed, otherwise it would have been fun, specially in the higher MPs. i am only using ROT because that thing procs a lot. any other suggestions?

i personally play this game for the pets. just like i did in d2 in 1999(2000?) when it came out.

maybe other people can share their rain/proctor build...and their thoughts as well
thanks mugel, i still have my VoG with 4% acid crit. but i am using this manajuma's vision for the mana, it helped a lot in spamming AC...

what is SoS? swingout sister?

Here's my build has a bit of everything. Cast Clould > Bears > Re-apply Cloud > Pick off stragglers with WOS. Don't think I sacrifice too many dps or defensive stats to get the procs.

SoS= String of skulls (zuni mojo)
i am looking into gory fetch for the cloud, so SoS might not be an option at the moment...
currently, i think WoS is too high mana... i hope that they buffed this thing since it is potentially a very good signature spell
WOS with Blood ritual and Rush of Essence should make it okay ( at least for me at 101 Mana/tic).
Also the poison cloud is very underwhelming.
i see...

apart from breaking pots and criting bad medicine, what does the cloud do?

currently, acid rain seems to be the best rune for rain doctor...what do the other guys use?

i also feel that rain doctor without bad medicine is not optimal since acid cloud seems to synergize really well with BM
You can look at my proc build. I use AC/RoT/ and bears. With BM/BR/JF as passives. I agree that if you are throwing around a lot of AC you should use BM.

My procs are Chill 4.6, Freeze 4.8, and immobolize 4.4, and I use a Skorn.

I'm running MP9 solo, and it appears that the higher you go in MP, the less the elites and ubers are affected by the procs.

So when more DPS presents itself I will have to decide what stays and what goes so I can run MP10 all the time.
nice...so bears are your main damage dealers? without VQ, i feel that bears are very hard to sustain. blood ritual is also a nice idea since i have lifesteal as my main proc.

i just removed the chill and immobilise since it is not working or proc'ing enough for me i feel. at least not enough to justify the high cost.

is it difficult playing a petless build?
To me the best procs are freeze, stun, and blind. Unfortunately, two of those procs come at a very high cost to DPS -- namely on your gloves and amulet.

So I have not found a good stun or blind gear item, and I have freeze.

Immobilize was working decently in MP7-8 now I'm not so sure in MP9.

Chill and Slow don't seem to affect anything in MP9. Keeping chill shoulders ATM because after 30+ rolls trying to craft, still have nothing better.

I play petless because dogs were dying too fast in MP9. Tried Garg and it seemed he was always in wrong place. So I gave him up for hex. Hex is great for tanks, and elites -- and I control where it goes.

It seems at first that petless causes you to get hit more, but once you adjust to it, you don't notice it.

Edit: I use bears to take down the hard hitting mobs. On elites I SH, RoT, AC and Hex them. Depending on what affixes they have, I might keep up these skills, or I will bear them if I get good shot at them. SW I use mostly for escape from freeze, jail, etc.
so, with my gear and stats, am i ready for pet less?
You can play whatever style you like. You just have to experiment to find what you are most comfortable and effective with.

Every couple of days it seems like I try a new skill combo out, or a piece of gear, or think about what I could buy to make my character better.

It really is all about experimenting and finding what suites your play style.

Proc doctors have no cookie cutter build, nor does a Rain doctor or Bear doctor. Experiment with the skills and find a way you like to play.

I could tell you how I would play your character, but that wouldn't help you, as you would not play the character the same way as I do. How other people play should give you ideas. You need to try those ideas and see if you like them.
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what is SoS? swingout sister?

lol. I'm guessing you're not in high school.
As I crank up the MP level gradually, I find myself having different uses for acid rain. At lower MPs, it was the main damage spell to clear everything. At mid MPs, acid rain became more of a proc and heal than a killing machine, I had to introduce some other skill(s) to finish up the stray mobs and elites. Now at higher MPs, acid rain just tickles the mobs. I think the procs and bleed stacks, but not the acid damage, so casting multiple times is not as DPS-efficient as other spells. Perhaps the optimum use for acid rain is to cast every 3-4 secs, or whenever a boss does its animation for some big hit.

However, since acid rain is THE best proc, I am rather reluctant to remove it from my build altogether. An elite pack or whole group of mob on lock-down is very helpful to survival. I used to run with stun/blind/freeze, until a crafted glove proved too irresistible with 15k DPS gain. I do miss the lock-down, and may need to fall back on the stun gloves in the future. But for now, the higher DPS is helping me zoom around in mid-MPs.

Oh, if the Uber party does not have a CM Wiz, a proc doctor is the best alternative. Don't forget to hex that irritating ZK too!

If you play solo most of the time, equip your Scoundrel with a Buriza (chance to freeze), Hellfire ring (+IAS if possible), another ring with +IAS, and an amulet with +IAS and % chance to blind. The mobs will beg for mercy. haha.

Going the proc path definitely makes the WD class very fun.

Jimbob is our resident doctors' advisor and skywalker is our official scribe, so you best consider their advise :D
I see, thanks. I am diversifying my build now since i am so bored with this game...seriously...
when HoTS comes out tomorrow here in Tokyo, D3 is gonna die even sooner.

thanks, i was using a stun and chill equipment before, but fell on the same path as you since DPS is more important. RoT is my main damage dealer now and AC is my main proc for lifesteal initially. when i am low on life, i just rain on a mob. i love my pets so much that i am not willing to remove them for anything.

finally...no, i am not in highschool anymore, i am a mid 30's animator who is quickly losing shape.
RoT is too weak to be a main damage dealer, if this is due to mana limitations, try jimbob's suggestion to use WoS as the primary skill. Mix it with the acid rain for AOE proc and healing. If your skill build has spare slots, include some bears. This will enhance your DPS output and allow you to steadily increase the MP level until you reach your mana limit or DPS limit. Then you can focus on efficiency and farm for gold and items to upgrade.

If you're into proc experiments, try the stun / blind / freeze on Diablo (total 10%~12% is sufficient), the lock-down from acid rain gets very interesting. You can cancel out all his big moves.
OK, i will try swapping RoT with ZB and see what happens. now that PTV is off of my build, my mana management has become better. the one thing that i hate about ZB is getting close.
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