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Lore and Story
Baal or Azmodan
Baal, no question. He is one of the three Prime Evils, the three most powerful demons in all the Burning Hells. Azmodan is an insect by comparison.
Baal, though Azmodan is no insect.

Baal being part the three Prime Evils, Azmodan being part of the 4 Lesser Evils.

Though, they are only named Prime and Lesser because the 3 Primes overtook the 4 Lessers in a war, thus, controlling the Burning Hells.

This does not reflect their actual "power" but in the case of Baal vs Azmodan, i wouldnt see Azmodan standing a chance against Baal.
Baal Definitely. Even though he's not the "strategist of hell" or whatever, he is one of the Prime, and a much better demon altogether. Aesthetically, Baal is much cooler too, being a spider/clown/Lovecraft tentacle god all mashed into one creepy demon, with a stellar villainous laugh. Azmodan is Mr. Waternoose's fat uncle, who wears nipple rings and never. Shuts. Up. You can also look at Baal's track record for more proof.

Baal overcame Tal Rasha and took control of the Horadrim's memories. He tricked Marius into giving him the soulstone. He raised an army in record time and defeated the Barbarians, who are arguably the greatest warriors of all time, on their own turf. He corrupted Nehlithak and gained control of the Relic of the Ancients, and entered the sacred Worldstone Keep unchallenged. Once inside, Baal managed to corrupt the Worldstone enough so that when the player character eventually catches up and kill him, not even the powers of heaven can recover it, and the only option left is to destroy the sacred artifact. All this happened in under a year's time (although its hard to be entirely sure)

As compared to Azmodan:
Azmodan failed to down a single half-manned fortress with a virtually unlimited army at least 3 times the size of Baal's (this is a hard call since we never see either army in its entirety) and got crushed inside his own kingdom by 1 hero. (Possibly 4 if you play multiplayer) He also ran the Dark Exile, which was a massive plot of the Primes anyway, making him everybody's fool.
Compare the Black Soulstone Trailer with Baal's trailer and it's obvious who is more badass.

Baal obviously
Is Baal really stronger, or is he just more powerful because of his army, or even for political reasons? Hell may have it's own politics.
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Baal, no question. He is one of the three Prime Evils, the three most powerful demons in all the Burning Hells. Azmodan is an insect by comparison.

The Book of Cain implies Prime and Lesser should bear little weight on their "power level", so to speak. The Prime evils may have taken over the Burning Hells, but the Lessers did as well during the Dark Exile.
Based on their in-game acts, I'd say Baal is far more superior.
Diablo, Baal, and Mephisto are the three Prime Evils. They were the three dominant heads of Talthamet, the seven headed uber evil-dragon of creation from which all demons are spawned from.

According to the lore, there isn't supposed to be that big of a difference between the 4 Lesser Evils and the 3 Primes But in influence, story, and game strength the Primes' make the Lesser Evils look pretty much irrelevant.

In my opinion, while Azmodan is supposedly no slouch himself (lets ignore the fact that he's monumentally stupid & weak in the actual game), he's an chew toy for Baal.

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