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So recently I hit paragon 100 on my barb. Ive dabbled a little with most classes as you can see from my profile. I really like the WD as a class in general but it feels like there are many, many ways you can go about building one. And thats where Im struggling. So I have a couple questions if any of you would care to enlighten me...

1. When playing my WD prior to my grind out to 100 I found that LS is essential. But how much LS do I need? Would a 1h with 2.5+ and OH be enough? Or should I lean towards a Skorn?

2. I really like Acid Rain. Just the spell and graphic and white mob nuke it provides is great. Probably my favorite spell in the game. Id like to build around that spell if it all possible, both gear and talent wise.

3. Id like to be able to do MP8 if it all possible. Ive read through both this forum and Diablofan forum for any advice but there really isnt anything concrete for what I wanna do. So any and all help you WD's can provide would be greatly, immensely appreciated.
stack crit, crit dmg, run bears. Get mana regen on items. I run mp7 with 3% LS. I highly recommend Thing of the Deep (for 20 pickup radius) combined with the passive Grave Injustice and Gruesome Feast.

I really, really struggle on mp7. I never even try mp8. I have 100k unbuffed dps, 37% increased crit, 360% increased crit dmg, 50khp and like 650 all res
First know that Acid Cloud/Acid Rain (just AC from now on) is a non-stackable spell that does not increase damage with Attack Speed. So the best weapon to use with it is a high damage low AS one-hand weapon like a spear, or a two-hander, namely a Skorn.

The other thing to know about it is that it is most useful as a main attack skill when you can one shot white mobs with it on mid to lower MPs.

AC does not kill things quick enough in higher MPs to use it as your solo main attack IMO - even with a boat load of DPS (some people have claimed they use it that way, but they must be kiting like crazy).

1. How much LS you need depends on how buffed up you are and what defensive skills you use. As a minimum you will need 700 resists, 4000 armor, and 50K or more HP for higher MP.

2. Try this AC build if you want to give it a go. This dude Exia, stacks 2000 life regen on to buff himself up, I don't know who else could or would want to do that, but you could play his build without that. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8196601277?page=1#0
Other AC based builds can be found in the Index to Witch Doctor Builds and Guides

3. That's the best I can do.
I can run MP8 easy peasy with this build
Figured you need about 101 mana regen and 1k LOH with 2.3 + life steal.

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