Lingering fog / Waller Affix

Demon Hunter
If Blizzard patched this A bug with Spirit Walk that stopped the Witch Doctor from passing through Walls from the "Waller" affix has been removed. in 1.04
They should certainly have Lingering Fog act the same.

You notice 3 walls, all the birds are facing where i am at. The templar is to the left.
You can't see my body on the ground, because i was dead, INSIDE the wall. Not sure what else I can show here...
They flew down, I lighting balled 3 times then tumbled back to kite,they laid arcane, then they place 1 wall right on top of me, then another, then another crossing it, i was immobile, couldn't tumble out, couldn't do anything. then i got sliced. It's also obvious I am INSIDE the wall because the arcane beams are slicing me right when I died, inside the wall.
Yes i "could" have been in field of slaughter in a wide open area and they might have placed the walls further apart from eachother and I would of only been stuck in one and been able to get out the second it was crumbling, however they laid them down one after another directly on-top of me. I wasn't so that is probably the reason the walls landed directly on-top of me. Like so:

and another
Blizz needs to address this affix bug OR change DH lingering fog to act the same as spirit walk with walls.

Those are the moments where I mash every button on my keyboard and then rage quit.
and THAT is why I am afraid to play my Hardcore characters. haha. no seriously, the number of ways to die in this game that are just completely out of your control are astounding. oh yeah, hardcore, what a "rush".

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