SoJ wanted class stats

Witch Doctor
Hello, I have a couple WD SoJ and wondered which class affixes you prefer, say the top 3-4
Any help would be appreciated
mana cost on zombie charger. period.
second? reduced CD to zombie dogs
I would guess acid cloud or rain of toads as a distant third/fourth?
I'm a huge fan of spirit barrage on my soj. Tons of extra damage with a sub mojo
i have a few soj's, my fav is the +% to spirit barrage.

But the most important spec on a soj for me is that it has to be 6/30
I saw a 6/30 10 ZB reduction going over 1b current bid, so unless you have tons of cash...get a 6/29 like me for 15 mil :)
Have one of each. Bought them ages ago when they were relatively cheap, though I would cover all bases for future builds. Then realised SoJs kinda sucked.
6% Cold, 30% DaE 11% Spirt Barrage is the SoJ I use for ubers, goes perfectly with my mojo.

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