Need 2.73+ IAS: Swap top-end gear with me?

(I find it this situation extremely appropriate after seeing the Debunking 2.73 IAS thread today...)

So...after some regearing, I find myself missing 1% IAS :P And no, 2.72 and 2.73 aren't the same thing. Anybody want to swap high-end gear with me?

Ideally looking to swap for a 9ias (6cc, 5.5cc, 5cc all ok, depending on which ones we can figure out who pays who the difference) mempo. Look in my profile for the one I'm wearing and let me know if you want to swap.

Also, if you just so happen to have a T&T with 9ias and similar rest of stats (basically like Moba's or Yoda's), I'd be up for that too.

Last but not least, if you have BOOZOR's nat ring or one just like it (or can convince him to trade me his for mine :P), that'd be superb!
Shut it Boozor - if you're not part of the solution...:P Downtrade me your nat ring and it'll be all good. After all, What's the diff between 20k and 17k ^^ Just shoot me now...
Have a nat ring for trade

47.5 avg dmg, 71int, 9ias, 4.5ias, 33str, 88dex.

Also have 85i 85v nat boots
Thanks LumiTKD but I need to keep the cd on the ring :( I have 8ias/45/3 on mine)
Hey it's only 10k loss!
Definitely not 'only' and pretty sure it's not just 10k. Also...10k is the reason I'm in this mess....
Dunno, dprog said 10,350 on you. 42.5min, 42.5max, 1ias 1cc vs 45cd thought it would be a lot closer actually. GL though, was in the same boat like 2 weeks ago lol.
hey i wanna swap gloves with you. :p LOL
Still looking! :P Please don't make me buy another mempo...
i have a nat ring with 70int/60vit/9ias/33cd/3.5cc
Start crafting ammies hahaha...
Carnac, I'm the perfect person as all of my gears are 9% ias. But I have a perfect trade recommendation for you. Let's talk in game.

Besides, you owe me. I said very positive things about you when you were dealing and hustling with Catbin right after me. Those are nice VW you got. I could have gotten it too but decided to pass it on to you. =)

Don't do anything until you talk to me in game. =)
Still looking for a mempo option so I don't have to trade a ring to yoda! :P
03/19/2013 10:42 AMPosted by Carnac
Still looking for a mempo option so I don't have to trade a ring to yoda! :P

LOL. come on Carnac, your smarty. You know it's either going to be mempo (my mempo is one of the better 5.5cc) or ring. I will consider both options.

but in the end, we are both mutually benefiting. you know it. Let's just help out and be good to each other.

and our wizzes also look a like in terms of dps and ehp. stop copying me. =P

and you owe me for that VW. It could have been on my shoulder. I just didn't go there b/c I knew you are the next in line. besides, I was so tired by 1:30am.
I have a nat ring if you are interested

28-55 dmg/ 67str/86 dex/74 int, 4.5 crit chance, 9 ias and 214 life regen

the average dmg works really well and is usually under valued

for some the same crit chance/ ias and int ,nat ring, it has to have around 25% crit dmg to get about the same dps bonus.
Thanks for the post Neuron. See Lumi's from above. I lose 10k dps on the ring without crit dmg even with a 47.5 avg dmg roll and 10k is a lot...that's why I'm in this boat today :P
I'm in this boat today :P
1 hour ago

I'm hopping on your boat today. Let's go for a ride.
1 question,why dont you just change that hellfire ring?

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