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I have been playing with my wizard for sometime now and have been checking a lot of builds out there and it seems to me like most of the successful wizards out there are CMWizs. I tried it for about 2 weeks and yeah I pretty much stopped dying but ... I was dying inside from boredom taking forever to kill the big boys.

I enjoyed my Melee Wizard much more because it was fun to play but it did die much and it was a joke with Ubers so, I decided to try a few things and thought I would get your opinion on it.
I was able to farm, enjoy fighting mobs and also kill Ubers MP5 solo with the same following build:!gbf!aZZaZc

Granted I think I have good gear because I like my Wizard and hence already spent the money on it.

Let me know what you think and what would you add/subtract from these skills
Spectral Blizzard or BlizzBlades, yes, fun times!

When things get hairy, switch to Healing Blades.

With good attack speed and crit chance, you can almost spam frost nova anyway and slice; you don't necessarily need diamond skin. Why no magic weapon/blood magic?

Also you have no Cold Blooded passive and are missing 20% damage right there. If you are using any type of chill/freeze, you absolutely should use Cold Blooded. Even your Scoundrel can give you that if he equips a Buriza or cold damage from amulet, whatever.

Do you really need Vigoron?

I don't mean any of this as criticism because I'm sure you know your wizard best and what defenses to use. I just play this build more offensively and don't really need frost nova unless mp9-10.
You're right the Vigoron and Galvanizing Ward are typically useless when farming, I typically play with Wave of Force/explosive blast and Cold blooded but with Ubers they come in handy if I take some massive blows while waiting on CD that way I can kite a bit while I regen and Bliz.

The Diamond Skin typically helps when in vortex/poison/stuff fighting elites and ubers, I don't even get touched.

It's true if I had better regen I can have much more to play with so, I guess that's something to look into. Maybe I need more regen on gear.

Show me your build.
As i just got my wiz to level 60 ive been trying to figure out what skills i wanted to use. im definitelyt going to try it out and ur gear is definitely pretty awesome. even your followers gear is sick lol. thanks for the idea i plan on trying it out tonight.
I also play with blades and blizz, doing fine in mp10 with it.
I wonder if Arcane Dynamo plus cold blooded could replace evocation and ward. I have read on forums that arcane Dynamo gives a 75% more damage which would be nice to add to each Blizzard shard and the flashes of insight are easy to get when using deep cuts + Another 20% cold blooded for both Blizzard shards and when slashing my blades into a cold snap.

But then again I'm also thinking of putting down Ubers with the same skills.
Arcane Dynamo, Cold Blooded, Blizzard, Hydra, Spectral Blades
Ghom MP10
Arcane Dynamo, Cold Blooded, Blizzard, Hydra, Spectral Blades
Ghom MP10

Arcane Dynamo, Cold Blooded, Blizzard, Hydra, Spectral Blades
Ghom MP10

What are your passives? regen? blade types?

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