"Ask the Devs" Round 2: Itemization - Answers (Part 1)

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Its more of a chore to throw items back down on the ground when you discover it doesn't have a socket. Its also a chore to set Has sockets, on what you search for every time.. So freaking Annoying! Thanks for not adding more Chores!!! kisses

It's quite a shame there is no customization at all in this game.. The only decision is Ruby, Topaz or Amnyhest in the helmet.. Its so annoying going to the Jeweler to take that ruby out for a Amny when I go do the Ubers... Y you give me chore?
03/28/2013 08:33 AMPosted by Dispirit
So when's part 2 of this BS fest gonna be released?

They are still discussing it around the office and have plans on the table, just like everything else related with this game.
Here's a question...

I am liking the new 1.08 changes assuming they filter down into the lower lvls. I quit d3 a while ago . I just couldn't take the travesty the game had become under jay wilson's direction. That being said i would like to ask when are we going to see more changes in this direction(1.08 is start but a hell of a lot more needs to be done) and of that of former blizz north thought process and more of moving away from jay wilson's design???
03/26/2013 06:31 AMPosted by Urgle
Wyatt: When the game was in development, we the Blacksmith had the ability to add a socket to an item. Adding a socket makes the item better, so you pretty much always wanted to do it, and we found adding the socket felt like a small chore that didn’t actually increase the gameplay depth. You already need to insert gems to a socketed item, and felt having to add a socket as well would be a step too many.

Lol and your gem system doesn't do this to the most maximum annoyance?
Because being forced to tier flawless to top by combining 3 gems over and over and over and over and over and over and over isn't a chore at all and adds real depth lol.

Just stating your sense of reasoning for the blacksmith adding sockets is mute.

I honestly chuckled.... it's similar with identify all (which they finally relented on). They wanted the player to have a moment of anticipation as when unwrapping a present.... when it was already a forgone conclusion that the player base was already up in arms with regards to the drops (subject to the wonderful itemization which these folks decided upon in the first place), such that the whole process felt more like a chore than it felt like present unwrapping.

Or how about players running Act III over and over again? Like that's some really nice gameplay repetition there. If there is a concern with gameplay depth, then my question to this team is where is it hiding? The game as shipped back on May 15, 2012 was amazingly shallow. The additions made since amount to superficial content meant to buy some time.

The more I read these responses from some of their D3 dev team, the more I understand why the game ended up turning into what it did. Non-sequitur with contradictions galore.... This is in direct contrast to the SC2 dev team with how they often times communicate over in that part of the Blizzard world.

Adding sockets to me would add to game depth if done the right way. Instead of having the Blacksmith always providing that service, such aspects should be tied into some random event or quest which upon successful completion, allows you to return to the pertinent artisan with said reward (like a plan drop which allows one to socket the appropriate item based on the plan type) in order to make use of said service (like Charsi's Imbue quest for example). Consult Chris Metzen if need be so that parts of those quests/events can be made relevant into the whole story line.

Such events could also occur randomly throughout the gaming world. They could even mix things up a bit where the Blacksmith could always do it but would make the items BOA once performed (whereas going the quest route, allows one to find extremely rare plans which allows items to either be socketed or imbued but without being bound to account). Socketing of an already socketed item (one that rolled that way) can be handled in several ways including making that item BOA. Plus crafted socketed should naturally have some limitations as to what can be socketed (again, providing the sort of trade offs so that drilling a hole in something will require some thought/theorycrafting).

Imbuing items would be one way to personalize/"immortalize" some items in terms of their names.... say you receive an imbue plan that allows you to name+short description of the relevant item and you later accidentally/purposedly salvage/vendor an imbued item (or in hardcore, die with such an item equipped), it's name/description is thrown into the database where it has a chance to re-appear on some future in-game drop of similar or greater power than the original item. And when it does drop in game, the originating player would be pinged via the in-game notification system to say that playerX has found an item imbued by you - such that you can potentially work out a trade for that item. Such an item could also be tied into PvP... where the person who found it can put this up for wager in a best of n-number amount of matches. If the imbuing player loses, the finder/winner would have a rare chance to re-imbue that item with their name/description.

I'm not actually asking that these sort of things be implemented. It's just ideas which probably has also been discussed ad nauseum in meetings but never lifted off the ground for the variety of reasons this development team has the ability to come up with, which seems to explain why D3 is amazingly shallow in terms of gameplay depth. I said it before, the graphics design team did one heck of an amazing job with the effects, character movement, the actual physics, and visceral feel behind the combat. It's really too bad that a lot of that has to suffer because too many ideas just didn't pass the iteration process.... It's about time that the ones involved more with the actual gameplay design start finding and delivering solutions that add that depth which they always seem to talk about.
if corporate blizz actually give 2 fuks they would put a simple bot filter in-game refreshing every so often like every other business has to filter out bots

but see, the bots make them more money, so its a losing battle guys, give it up until you actually see this feature
If I understand the proposed change to "fewer but better" correctly, it should take just as many real hours to acquire a coveted item of godly performance. How is this an improvement?

The insane AH prices will be unaffected because the rarity is unchanged.

In fact, I think I will be worse off because I see so few legendary items now. I'll see virtually none with the proposed change. At least with a higher drop rate, I can delude myself into thinking that I have a minute quantum probability of finding something nice in a few hours.

If the Dev Team does this intelligently, they could fix both the "awesome sauce" factor of finding a legendary, and the insane prices on the AH in the same patch. I hope their brain trust is up to the task. But as it is proposed, I'm not really seeing any advantage. In fact, I think it sets expectations for legendary drops way too high, with only disappointment resulting if the drop is anything less than uber godly.
Dear Diablo 3 developers,
There is one thing that keeps me going on this game regardless of if i want to or not. That is the randomness of finding legendaries. As you have discussed drops changing and itemization all along i have been hoping for one thing. Just make some ultimate ilvl66 items drop and make the drop like blood diablo red. Basicly make it a very ridiculasly small drop rate and make it super badass. That is all. And mounts would be cool too to increase movement speed for runs. I dont know when you guys are implementing this revolutionary itemization update but i figure its going to take months, so until then, just throw something super interesting into the mix to tithe us over.
Any chance for 1.08 relase in april?
dear developers im tired of spending my hard earned gold on items in the auction house just for them to disappear a week later its really getting old...
its obvious they are dragging this out to buy time for the expansion

nothing more, nothing less

these 'answers' were insulting
I thought with the new leadership that things would gain some momentum and intelligent decisions would be forthcoming but waiting so long for the questions and then getting titbit answers to little to none questions is frustrating to say the least, I should go and watch paint dry it would be more constructive. And to break up the answers in parts is a little insulting, we are not children we can handle a full response. Honesty would go a long way with D3 fans, no need for stringing them along or vague answers, after all future content in this game is not State secrets, you won't get shot for telling us something definite........also PTR length is a joke, 1 to 2 months for a patch?.....come on...really?
well I think you mite be right there but Travis Day seem so positive it was starting to be contagious. I can not understand with the amount of questions they got that having plenty of answers available would not be a problem. They could have rattled off a couple of dozen easily and had them posted on a daily basis. But I guess memos had to go out and everything in triplicate and then meetings to confirm who answering what, and then triple checking answers are not giving too much away and also not running out of coffee at critical response times can be very time consuming.........I heard that getting a coffee at Blizzard takes 3 days of planning and 2 days of execution with one of those days being a PTR to test whether the black liquid is up to the quality expected.

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