"Ask the Devs" Round 2: Itemization - Answers (Part 1)

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03/20/2013 04:03 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
I've always had the feeling that we'll get a bunch of stuff in the expansion that D2 already had

Indeed. Feels like they removed alot of what should have been implemented just to have them appear in an expansion instead. Extremely ugly and cheap way to make people buy the expansion to get a "complete" game. Probably because they have no friggin clue about what to add to the game if all those features already was in the game from the start.

I'm losing all my respect for Blizzard and their management more and more. Even more so when HotS turned out to be pretty lackluster also.
What kind of time frame are we talking about for 1.0.9? Is this imminent (couple months) or 6-8 months away?

With that in mind, there are still some gameplay benefits to adding a socket that we’d still like to capture. Although having to add a socket every time can feel like a chore, if there was a mechanic that made it a legitimate decision, that is something we could explore. Additionally, there’s something to be said for feeling more invested in an item—taking steps to improve an item increases your emotional bond with that it, which is something we could definitely do better at.

Maybe make it so adding a socket = item is now account bound??

That certainly would be a legitimate decision and one not easily made. Locking your item into your account means you can never sell it, which means its worthless if you find something better. You can't get rid of it unless you destroy it. You basically marry yourself to it. That's about as emotional of a bond as you can get with an item. Especially if you just forked out 2 billion for that Echoing Fury!! Is that the kind of thing you are talking about when you say "legitimate decisions"??
03/20/2013 04:01 PMPosted by TwoCoins
Does anyone else kind of get the feeling they witheld the mystic for the expansion... a blue post before and now this dev bog hinted she may be back...doesn't sound like it has anything to do with getting her to work. They seem almost certain she will be back...someday....like the expansion.

Wow short, and only the easy questions answered.
Trying to not get overly concerned here, but what the heck was that just now? We have the first "Ask The Devs" session and it's horribly done, so we get told this one will be better. Then we get this short, similarly written piece with no answers to things the thinking among us didn't already know based on what Blizzard had already said themselves, followed by a to be continued at the end?

Either some boss, somewhere, is forcing these guys to not ACTUALLY speak on things they're developing currently (because you know, aside from their talking, they are actually devs...DEVELOPING new systems and improving old ones), or these guys are just really lazy about this whole process of interaction and don't want to waste their time on it. Picture CM's interacting with the devs and them just going "yeah, have a really bad hangover, didn't feel like writing this crap." "yeah, but you have to or they'll have our heads!" "fine, fine, but don't expect much."

I really hope it's the former and not the latter because this was once again very lame.
03/20/2013 03:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Although having to add a socket every time can feel like a chore, if there was a mechanic that made it a legitimate decision, that is something we could explore.

No, no Mr. Cheng, you got us all wrong, we love chores. Please let us do our chores! Pretty please! :D
please if you make possible to put a socket into items. Make those items ccount bound. PLEASE
would it be possible for set items to have special effect when every piece is gathered?
From Diablo 2, immortal king's set will produce golden aura when every piece is worn.

It would make set items more special.
03/20/2013 04:28 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
please if you make possible to put a socket into items. Make those items ccount bound. PLEASE

You should work for the D3 dev team (that's no compliment).

Haha, that got a chuckle out of me. Not very nice, but following that it seemed an aptly placed comment. =)
Blizzard, the main issue of this game for now its the "Golds economy" please control the golds before update others.
I personally like the idea of alternatives to gems. What I loved about diablo 2's gem system was that each gem only gave one maybe 2 things and jewels had other effects and runes had even more. Rune words made socketed items extremely valuable if you could find a nice base dmg one. It allowed for sockets to feel useful and to build my character how I wanted not a chore or oh great this item has a socket better put my primary stat in it or damage if it's a weapon. I want to and would love to see more gem types, the re addition of jewels, and runes even add back in runewords or nice little challenges and secrets.
Q. "Love Leoric's Signet, but hate wearing a level 17 ring? Me too. Instead of farming Act II Normal to find a Leoric's Signet, let's go farm Inferno and get a level 63 version of the ring!"

Does this mean that every set and legendary item will have a chance of dropping in Inferno?

- Rowechelon#1918 (Americas [English])

its idiots like this that ask such obvious questions that make these Q&A bad
No binding. Not in a Diablo game. Not in a loot-based game.

should be basic y but guess we'll end with all slots BIS&BOA sooner or later, sadly, whatever my last hope is pvp/arena, then back to d2 lol

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