Which follower's back-story are you most interested in?

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i actually enjoyed all 3, read all his dialogues sometimes, and then again to get the achievements, this is a good point about D3,... specially when zoltun kule talks about the origin of the templar order... making kormac one of the most interesting ones.

Lyndon has a deep background but i believe it wont surprise me.

The enchantress is sexy and charming, but i guess the background wont surprise me either.

At least its a challenge for you guys to make (to surprise me ;p).
The Scoundrel. He's funny.
Lyndon. Because he does not have a back story. He's just as thief. No Order to belong to. No thousand year old master that trained him. Just a man, his bow and a healthy lust for female breasts.


On a different but related note. Kormac should have been less paladin and more warrior. Then the 3 followers could have mirrored the Diablo 1 classes. That would have been cool.
Well, I loved Lyndon most. As the8hark said, he was just a simple man with no hyping background, but successfully touching us.

the 2nd would be Kormac. Stories about betrayal is always interesting...... for me. The stories I wrote are full of betrayal too.

The 3rd would be Eirena. Her story is just a bit simple that many RPGs have the same kind of story.
diablo 3 has a storyline? after cain was killed by a butterfly I stopped caring.
In all Honesty I really would like to know more about all of them, kormac might be first because I like to play with him but all 3 =)
Honestly? All of them. The followers and Shen are the only ones in the game who have backstories that intrigue me. The history of the enchantress shows evidence of the angels vs humans war in sanctuary a very long time ago. What led to the fall of this civilization? Also, what awoke her? Why didn't she wake during the time of D2?

The Templar order has some... interesting pieces to it also. Why does ZK know so much about it? The order itself seems to be similar to some modern religions also... Blind noble people rising up through the ranks only to find that the core of the order is corrupt and is an abomination in comparison to the values they espouse. But how to you move forward? It's a question I'm sure more than one goodly catholic priest has asked themselves when they realized the endemic paedophilia within their own organization.

As for Lyndon, there doesn't seem to be much major macro-level stuff relating to him. However, I'd be curious what made him become who he is today.
I'm interested in all of the followers and Shen's backstories. Honestly, I felt them to be more compelling than the game's storyline, and actually felt cheated that I could only read theirs, rather than actually taking part in them.
The enchantress of course. What else ?
She come from an old age, she know old wizardry, and she's sexy.

Her storyline is more interesting than the main story in fact :)
o well its nosing new to me in a lindon story im from USSR old republic its my old real life story
if you wanna visit kingsport go to russia
@everyone asking about Eirena's prophet:

It's Inarius. You'll know if you read the Sin War trilogy.

I want to see more of Kormac, either past or future.

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