Rate the barb above you - non RMAH only

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@G3N3SIS - That EF rules! Awesome!
@G3N3SIS -

Overall really great setup for WW only upgrades I see would cost 500mil plus is my guess at the moment, aka crit mempo. Other than that looks great.
@Evilreaper- Nice to still see the tank barb around. I know nothing much about them but does it work for you? If so rock on.
@ Milrz
Looking pretty good. Good TDPS, but your CC is a little low. You have some very nice crafted items, as well as some good ones. Much better than anything I have been able to craft. Overall, very nice.
@ Milrz

Yea looks good just a little low in CC would be the thing I would try to get around 28-30% base

And yes the tank barb works I have the current one like this with thorns and one without, just hoping thorns buff is good. You can even check out some of my videos in the thread about making thorns build work shows some MP 7 champ kills at what I can live with for kill speed since the WW build just is not my style.

I can't rate it because I've never seen a thorns build before, however that looks really cool.
Why don't you use a topaz in the weapon?
8/10 pretty decent gear for non rmah barb

Sweet setup. Its hard to beat your dps.

Ive never spent a dime on this game other than the opening day 60 bucks for the digital download.

Sweet barb, wouldn't a 2h ww/nado build require more IAS? I wouldn't be able to play like that
@ ColeonePS 5/10 You have a good start but you really need a lot more IAS for a 2handed build. I only see 2 slots so start trying to stack it on your gloves/jewelry. Also get 24 movespeed it helps a lot, to help both of these Id recommend Innas Pants or Lacunis Bracers. Either way you will lose EHP but gain DPS and more importantly 24 MS so it a sacrifice you need to take as a barb and just gear around it with other slots.
damn I hate when that happens, well @ Rouna 7.5/10 Good start especially great IAS. You need more crit then all res IMO. Just keep working on improving slots you seem to know how to gear. Craft Vit shoulders not STR they can roll more stats and be a huge piece in your EHP.


Pretty solid all-round barb. I think you could craft better bracers though, more crit chance is always good :)

Unique gear choices. Looks good for your build tho.
Daaang IAS 66%?!! Sweet job! Love those IMK Gloves!

Top Notch Barb. Still room to improve too!
Never used rmah. S&B is the style I like, but I realize it gives up dps. I know I need a socket weapon, but anything with socket, and higher dps than this is over 200mil. Same with crit on Lacuni. I only have around 35mil.

Any suggestions?

Also, can someone fill me in on why Inna pants are so wanted? Does the 1% crit increase and AS really push up dps that much?

Not really fair to not rate the guy above you. 6/10 You can get a higher dps weapon for under 15 mil with a socket. Heck i just bought a sword a few days ago that was 1150 dps, socket, CD and str for 14 mil. Just gotta keep looking. In general you need more CC and ias. Do that and don't lose any CD or AR. I would check the AH for upgrades, cause some pieces can be upgraded at a very reasonable price. Also if your going snb, get a better SS. Those stats are great, but try to get 30% block at least.

Cause you were skipped over. Solid barb. 7.5/10 More AR and you could lose WC and go for something like OPKS. I would focus on getting that a little higher, then continue to get the DPS up.
Very good S and B barb, good damage even with SOJ equipped.
Maybe better gems as cheapest upgrade

I found my Skorn and Lacunis, and i think boots and Vile ward. Been on too long to remember.
Mates and I help each other with gear which has been main source of upgrades.

Got gold by upgrading and selling gems and a few finds. never had enough to buy top stuff though.
Best called a bargain hunter.


Not a bad lookin barb. Imo, I would start moving away from the IK set. You could go with ice climbers, mempo, witchng hour, trifecta gloves, etc. Thr IK set will hold your barb back in the long run and you are close to being a pretty beefy barb. I would definitely start crafting vit shoulders tho, potentially a huge ehp upgrade for you.

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