Can't link to paypal...........!!!!!!!!!

Technical Support
Hello ,
I have problem with linking my battlenet account to paypal
My battle net account and paypal account have the same name (first name and last name), same billing address, even same email address ...
My sms protect and authenticator have been actived ...
My paypal account has linked to my visa debit card and has verified too... ( the visa debit card is legal)
My Battle net account haven't linked to any paypal account before

I have tried to add to paypal for a week but it hasnt worked ...


Unfortunately, Tech Support doesn't have the necessary tools to help with this issue.

Please contact our Accounts department to have them look into this for you.

You can contact them by opening a Support Ticket. To do so just follow this link:
I'm available Monday through Friday from 11AM to 8PM Pacific Time
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