need help, restarted build from scratch, low$


ok i will try to be as brief as possible as to keep the confusion out of this post. (i tend to have a huge problem maintaining on topic :P )

i am on a budget what i use is what i have plus stuff waiting to get sold for +- 4 to 5m on the ah

i have no clue how i should gear up, my goal :

tempest rush - sweeping wind - healing mantra build to breeze through mp0 as fast as possible for xp and drops.

sold an arm to buy helm and the soj for spirit regen, rest of the gear i use is either self found or leftovers from along time ago (i gave everything away and quit the game and now i want to get into it again seeying alot have changed skill and gear wise).

what do i need to do to be able to farm mp0 fast ? gear wise with this build ? any targets to aim for use a 1h + shield, 2h ? do i only need to replace the gear wich doesnt suit my class ?

helllllllllllllllllllp ! tyvm.

this has everything you'll ever need to know about TRing
tyvm for the link i didnt know this build was documented.

now i am on track ;) already able to do mp0 with relative ease ... no dying but alot of close calls.

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