missing gear gm in need fast bug

Technical Support
Can some one please help me i got in a friends game got kicked from the game then i come back and my 1 hand is gone if you look at my profile you will see one i am missing bul-katho's warrior blood . Please help bug
There are no GMs on the forums. Unfortunately, even if there were, there is nothing they can do to help you. There is no item restoration in D3 at all, for any reason. They do not keep minute by minute, item by item data logs they way they do for something like WoW. They do periodic save points instead which is why a compromised account can be "rolled back". That service is ONLY offered in case of proven (with Blizzard's log files) compromise though.

If you wish more information on the D3 restoration policy you can read about it here : https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/diablo-iii-restorations

Sold, Destroyed, or Lost Items
Customer Support cannot assist in restoring sold, destroyed, or lost items. Items that are salvaged for crafting materials are permanently destroyed.

The 12 most recently sold items can be recovered from any vendor through the Buyback Items tab. The Buyback Items tab is cleared when your character leaves the game. Sold items that no longer appear on this tab are permanently lost.

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