best helm for monk?

Is it mempo or radiance?

Seems like ive seen radiance is mostly used in general and top tier monks as well. Does mempo have any room for an end game monk build? Thanks in advance.
mempo with is generally viewed as the best.

however, they are ridiculously expensive.

also spirit regen helms have become all the rage lately.

also good to use inna's if you're aiming for set bonuses.
The real Argument is.

9% AS vs 14% Fist of Thunder Damage.

If you can score that FoT dmg with 2%ish+ Spirit Gen plus 190dex+ and like 90 vit with 6 crit. I think that would be hard to beat.

Ofc this means you would have to use FoT as your main primary.

Mempo Also Limits your build. Spirit Regen is kind of nessessary to have on your Head for certain builds as a Monk.

Sooo just get both.
I see, i already have a spare 5cc mempo from my dh, which is not being used much often anymore since my dh playing mostly pvp. Yep, seems like spirit regen is quit important in any monk build. Ill try check for more opinions here.
nah innas is better

ps sell that mempo to me for cheap
Seems the trend with a lot of mid-high tier monks is either all four of Inna's armor pieces for the set bonuses, or Mempo for helm and Witching Hour for belt.

I have all four Inna's but they're all quite basic as I got them for 2-3m a piece. I find the -70 cost of SW to be quite enjoyable. I also like the way they look. :D

I've found two Mempo's so far but they were both meh. Put one on my barb and sold the other.
I think Inna Rad gives you more options than Mempo since you can take advantage of crafting chests while still keeping inna 2set

As well a nicely rolled Inna Rad can be better than a mempo imo
mempo for PvE
inna's for pvp
mempo for PvE
inna's for pvp

yo scrapz, seems like the same predicament with dh.
My choice would be

1. Inna radiance

2. Andariel's Visage (poor man's) with 5or6% fire damage taken

3. Mempo twilight with cc
The real Argument is.

Sooo just get both.

Any monk worth his salt should have 2 sets...a TR set (which requires an Inna's Radiance with SR) and a DW or higher DPS set with a Mempo.

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