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Hi my account is recently locked for some reason (received notification via e-mail). I also changed my phone number and since I have played D3 in a long time I have not bother to change my number in my profile. Now that it has been locked, the only way I could unlock the account is inputting a code from a number that I no longer have access to. Is there any other way of recovering my account. I would really like to get back into D3 and SC2 when I am less busy. I have other ways of proving that I am the owner of this account.
You will have to submit a ticket to remove the SMS Protect and to reclaim the account. They will likely ask for your valid government issued ID. Just try to be VERY clear and concise when you make tickets as it helps them to help you!

As for your lock, either you logged in from a new IP or new PC, or someone else tried. It really does help protect you!

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