Monk SOJ's for sale (CS, TR, WOL, ETC)

I got a variety of SOJs I don't really use anymore--If any fellow monks need any listed just contact me ingame and I'll sell it to ya lower than ah market/discounted!'

I have several atm...

6% cold
1.35 regen
27% elites
7% WOL crit

6% holy
1.45 regen
28% elites
7% TR crit

6% cold
1.85 regen
28% elites
-5 CS cost

6% cold
2.0 regen
27% elites
-4 CS cost
3 left
on now I got 3 left WOl,CS,SOJ ones pst
got 1 left
cold TR

5% cold
1.4 regen
21 to elites
7 TR crit

sellin it cheap

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