+2mil sustained crit MoR build 3.8mil w/blind

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My latest build I am sharing tonight, a collaboration of ideas from my friend and myself.

MoR build (Mantra of Retribution)
Against all bells build.

(See my skills on my monk for the latest updated build, his name is Krator he is a friendly fellow who has existed as many days as Diablo 3 itself, he is wise in his old played hours)

I focus on Mantra of retribution and taking advantage of the "black and white synergies." Diablo 2 LOD they specifically had the synergies written in green text so you knew what skills to pair however in Diablo 3 to keep the playing field diverse they make everything look the same and you have to do the math yourself, and this is what creates a differentiated player. With MoR it states you gain damage from how much damage you sustain which means build Vitality and high resistances for max dps of this Mantra, so passive is set to One With Everything, and vitality is prioritized over dexterity on gear, resist fire and lightning and resist all prioritized over everything but vitality, on top of the rest of that through a combination of your gear you need 29-35% budged crit or 35-46% preferred crit and 450-475 critical hit damage to hit the 2+mil crits consistently. .Attack speed is crucial for base dps increase so get this where you can. Make sure every piece of gear has at least 50 fire or lightning resistance and/or 70 all resistance. Skorn With near perfect crit damage is required for this build I got mine with 4.6 life leach and 300 dexterity for 10mil or so.Passive Guiding Light 35% spirit regen for use with Skorn to spam Exploding light rune from the bell.
While on high MP's like Mp7-8 you will focus on not dodging attacks but getting hit, sustaining the damage, and using MoR Against All odds rune to regen 3 spirit per hit you tank and reflect damage, barely take damage yourself then crit explode in every direction for +2mil killing everything around you. The othe passive is Chant the spirit regen passive.

After buffing 15% damage with the heal ability and hitting MoR,
In this sequence I attack: Deadly reach foresight 3xstrikes, blind, explosive light 3.8mil crit
Or with no blind ability so I can use deadly reach and FoT for better maneuverability I get constant 2+mil crits in this order: Deadly reach 3x, FoT, Explosive light
I have also tried:skillsetup heal, serenity, MoR, FoT,explosive light,dash
and: heal serenity, MoR, FoT, explosive light, blind,

They all work well depending on your style of play, I like to dash into a crowd and explode it from the center with 3mil crits all around!

Please ask questions if I left out any details.
C'mon at least post up the skill set. Sometimes it is hard for us to digest the wordings, but a clear skill set link can speak more than thousand words.

In the description of the video all skills are listed, and if you click my name and go to my profile you can click on Krator and see all the gear he wears and all the skills and passives he is currently using. Inspect him!

My profile has not refreshed yet so it is showing some gear I had on earlier and Mantra of Retribution is not currently showing but it will refresh soon I expect.
If you want others to really understand easily, don't take them round the circles (click on profile, click on utube, click on description) and play the guessing game.

this is the skill set I took from your profile. Looks like you have changed out the MoR to MoH.

lets take a look:
1. in your utube description, you mentioned Guiding light but the actual passive you're referring to The Guardian Path
2. you can't reflect ground effect (plague/arcane/dess/molton), so the MoR : Against all odd rune doesn't help.
3. you need enough sustain for getting hit. MoE, on the other hand, give you dodge bonus (you don't even getting hit)
4. FoT : Quickening procs more spirit than FoT: TC allows you to spam WoL, and it synergize well with Dashing Strike.
5. Why fire or lightning, and not poison/physical since you will be OwE them to the exact AR?
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aebigX!cdU!aZcYYb my bad didn't think to use skill calc lol

with these skills setup, 49k hp 1400dex 850+ res 35+crit 475+CHD = 2mil+ crits.
just try it im tellin ya it works great i never die and i do massive damage
This is your skill set, only a line instead of your 6lines description (and on earlier post, it gets wrong)

it is best to choose one resistance to have on all your gear with all your pieces because with OWE it becomes all resist

I understand this but my point is, why lightning/fire and not physical/poison/cold?
FoT teleport skill is the only left click ill use on a monk and only reason i have deadly reach in there is to get the damage buff so teleporting around regenerating spirit mad fast on high mp getting whacked by a million spiders your spirit stays full and you just spam bell over and over and keep teleporting, ill make a gameplay vid tomorrow.
because certain items like cindercoat is a build that can have over 100 fire resist with all resist 80 stacked potentially making it a very op piece of armor, and the other weapons to consider that give you lightning and fire resist such as a well rolled schaefers 2h mace they can have 200CD 16% life, 60 light res, theres always a piece of gear that makes the 150all res on a single piece possible somewhere so cindercoat and like items would be my reason.
the monk tends to deal lightning or fire damage so it would make sense to stack those resistances because future items that increase skill fire or lightning damage may also have resistances on them too like schaefers for example or cindercoat
Can you please test out this:
swap out the Chant of reasonance passive and replace it with combination strike. You would gain 16% dps from your FoT & DR. the down side is you are -2 less spirit regen.

Try it and see if it gives better damages?
i've actually thought of this sort of build before, but didn't want to throw any gold into trying to experiment with it. high vit with retribution. kinda neat
In theory all your spirit regen comes from tanking and FoT so i could replace it with combo strike and still sustain enough to spam bell, i will make a gameplay vid of it in the morning.
03/22/2013 12:54 AMPosted by MrMojoRisin
i've actually thought of this sort of build before, but didn't want to throw any gold into trying to experiment with it. high vit with retribution. kinda neat

I believe Mojo's Ninja works better ;)
OP has TC on LMB.

'Nuff said.
I have seen the dodge builds but have not tried yet, I figured blizz made MoR for a reason so I wanted to see what it was and now I know, I will try the ninja build next but for now this proves to be a VERY fast mp7 farmer.
OP has TC on LMB.

'Nuff said.

what difference does it make which one you have it set on? im left handed and his build has nothing to do with my build so i think more needs to be said, go ahead and elaborate on how it makes a difference.
so is a major part of your damage output coming from mantra of retribution? in this case, wouldn't high resists and/or armour work AGAINST this? if it lowers the amount of damage you receive, then it lowers the amount of damage it reflects...??
OP has TC on LMB.

'Nuff said.

what difference does it make which one you have it set on? im left handed and his build has nothing to do with my build so i think more needs to be said, go ahead and elaborate on how it makes a difference.

it actually makes a HUGE difference. try it out. it surprising.

that said, i spent all day today with my generators on BACKWARDS and didn't even notice for the longest time! i was blazing fisting everything and only tapping TC occasionally. d'oh! i thought there seemed to be way less cyclones than usual!. i switched skills to do ubers, then when i put them back, i put them back on wrong!
its more complicated than that, the damage you put out comes from the damage you sustain with you high res, armor, and vit through MoR, so a portion of the enemies damage is added to your total damage when you swing i am guessing, it just works try it for yourself or wait for more detailed gameplay video tomorrow.

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