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I think an idea like this would be greatly complimented with some unique crafting based rewards after a reworking of the current crafting system. Giving rewards of the same type that you would get by just playing the game normally seems like a great way to create necessary content rather than chosen content.
03/28/2013 05:59 PMPosted by Travis Day
Replayability and ideas like Endless Dungeons come up a lot around the office. We definitely have plans to expand the game in these areas. Adding more monster power levels is also something that we have discussed. I personally love the idea of an endless dungeon, don't take that as a quote that I promised we are adding them though! At the heart of that idea is something really compelling, wave events, endless dungeons, hold out missions etc. Standing as the lone hero, or one of a party of heroes, against an onslaught of demons really sells the fantasy of Diablo, it's just a matter of taking the seed of that idea and iterating on it to a point where it feels like it fits into the game as a piece and not just "the only thing to do". I do hope that down the road we can find some way to make that idea a part of the content options players have at their disposal. I've said one numerous occasions, in a perfect world, when a player sits down at their computer for the evening to play the Diablo the question I want them to say to themselves is "What do I feel like doing tonight?" not "Ok time to run Act 3 again".

One idea would be to have account bound reagents (similar to Demonic Essences), that drop randomly from elites and/or trash mobs, which you use to unlock this new "survival" mode (whether it's an endless dungeon or a horde mode is up to you guys) for one run. After the run is completed, you need to farm for the reagents again for another run. This idea could obviously be improved further, but I just wanted to throw that suggestion out there, as it would give players even more of a reason to go out there and farm.
Awesome idea!

An endless dungeon.

Mob density, map size and elite number similar to vault of the assassin.
You can proceed to the next level as soon as you killed all elites in this area, f.e. a red portal appears after killing the last one.
Every 10-15 levels there appears a random boss. Here I'd love to see old bosses like Baal or Mephisto as well...oh man I'm getting excited just thinking about this.
With every boss you kill your chance to get a legendary from the next boss could raise by 0.1 % etc. and you'd also get other bonuses after every boss kill like plus 10% MF, +1 pickup radius, +1 movement speed and so on

This was what I came up with, but I LOVE your idea of implementing leaderboards as well as increasing rewards such as 6 prop rares and more DEs!

Very very good read OP!
03/28/2013 05:59 PMPosted by Travis Day
I've said one numerous occasions, in a perfect world, when a player sits down at their computer for the evening to play the Diablo the question I want them to say to themselves is "What do I feel like doing tonight?"

Why was this not always the goal with this game from the very beginning? There should've always been plans to have things aside from the regular game available at release and you removed the only one when you held back real pvp. It has nothing to do with being a perfect world. This game really needed to have multiple play options at release, not months and years after... It only took the WoW team that existed in the early days six months to release the first battlegrounds when there was only world pvp and dueling before. It took the Diablo 3 team nine months to give us brawling with no real team pvp in sight. Why could you not take a lesson from your predecessors and add features when they are pretty good and improve upon them as you go instead of iterating on them endlessly then scrapping them when you decide you aren't happy with the way they ended up?
I have an idear.
Lets say that the last 10 levels was very difficult to complete.

And in these 10 levels when you comeplete each them you got a "token" drop.
That "token" could be used to but awesome looking transmog gear for each toon, stuff like: armor, weapons and maybe followers gear??

Then the reware for complete the endless mode would be like.... ohh shiiit! I wanna look like that guy!! that set is something Im really wanna get.
how do I get it?
Do I need better gear or a other specc for completeing the last levels.
But you need to make so there is some prestige/big achevement getting it. not just a faceroll and then you got your new transmog gear.
Bump for Endless Mode :)
Add skills for the bosses. Killing diablo, belial, and azmodan with frozen, arcane and desecrator would be hard.
yeah, but I guess we could find a nice spot within a endless mode.
They are making the right decision to handle itemization next, but I would love an endless dungeon like this. Many of these have been proposed with lots of great ideas.

The only thing I haven't seen is ideas for how this type of content could be implemented for HC players. I guess they could be given the option to exit the dungeon after each level they complete? From what I have seen, it's unacceptable to many in the HC community to have any kind of content where you don't stay dead if you die.
level 105 in RoS diablo, azmodan, belial,andurial,baal,mephitso,duriel. best fight ever.
how about boss challenges, a check list of " who do I want to kill", featuring all of the bosses in the game or like 5 elite packs in an arena or something, to keep it challenging and intense. maybe if the story line in RoS allows you could kill all seven lords of hell AND ghom, rakinoth, iskatu ect. AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! so pretty much huge boss fight where you select a large amount of bosses, powerful monsters to kill at the same time. and you only get the combined loot if you kill ALL of them (for more balance)

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