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Rather than complain about not having found a set piece yet, I'd like to drum up some good mojo from the community by asking you all to tell your tales of finding your first set piece. Where, how far along were you, what was it. I think that I'm getting close but I want to keep it positive. Thanks!
First steps into Inferno on my monk, in the Crypt Searching for Leorics Crown I got the Chest piece for Tal'Rasha's set. It didn't roll half bad, but by the time my Wiz got to inferno, the new Legendaries were out and I had already found better rares for her. X3

I kept it because I was just surprised I had found anything at all.
Was playing on a barb. First drop was the inna's diabo. Second drop was inna's chest about an hour later (relax, my luck isn't normally that good...).

Anyway, my barb hasn't moved since.
Back in 1.0.3 when I used to play Public Games (Act III of course) I had a pair the Barb Set Boots drop. I was excited. They rolled horrible. Good times.
Natalya's xbow (legacy), with my barb of course, in the prison during act 1 inferno. Act 1 was all he could run back then since act 2 was such a huge step.
I got this the 2nd or 3rd month of play after release in act3. Was going for a lot back then but held it and use it now on my CM Wiz :)

Tal Rasha Relentless Pursuit
551 Armor
185 Int.
218 Vit.
+152 Armor
3 sockets
Cool idea! Several months ago my first set piece dropped and it was a Wailing Host. It wasn't too bad, in fact it was actually an upgrade that I was using right up until this morning when I finally bought a Zuni Pox. Funny thing too, about a week later a Litany dropped and I was able to complete my first set just from drops! I'm still wearing the Litany :)
My first set item was a Natalya's Reflection. I found it in one of the barracks in Act 3. I have found about 30 set pieces in all.
Band of Fallen Heroes

Dropped in 1.02 Vault of the Assassins. I used it for quite a while too.
First was a litany of the undaunted when I was a pLVL 20 or so. Found it in the Keeps on a3.
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Funny thing too, about a week later a Litany dropped and I was able to complete my first set just from drops!

Sweet, that was a sub-question: have you completed any sets from drops?

I would think that 10 months in, some people have.
Hrm... 1.03, first foray into Inferno whilst farming with a friend of mine in Act 1, freshly Level 60. Was exploring the crypts to Leoric's crown when a green dropped on the ground. Never seen one before that, almost passed up on it since there was no pillar of lights or stars on minimap back then.....

IK Helm, not half bad roll, friend of mine told me I could've sold it for 40M back then, but being my first ever, my barb still wearing it to this day...

Amazingly, if I recall correctly, it was only my second Leg find as well, the first being some Cindercoat by my DH :P
Back in 1.03, I was playing with my son and his friend. We were in one of the cemetery crypts in Act I.

We were talking about how easy it is to miss legendary drops and how none of us still hadn't had a set item drop.

I was looking at my son when I said that, and not the screen, and my son's friend mean like that ring back there? He had been looking at my screen. I was like...what ring? I'd already moved quite a bit away and wasn't wanting to back track to go looking for something that wasn't there, but he insisted he saw a green ring on the ground.

So, I went back...and lo and behold...there it was...just sitting there. We were all like OMFG!!

It ended up being a Zunimassa ring that immediately went to my son for his
I didn't start playing until 1.05 (couldn't gear up my old D2 Mac so had to wait til I could get a new computer) and my first set drop was a doozy. I had leveled 4 Chars to 60 and got plenty of normal Legs (read: crappy ones) but never got squat for Set Items. I was working on my Monk (which has since become my fav) and running Mp3 Act 3 Keep Depths 3 and "Pants" dropped. I assumed Blackthorne's but they were nearly perfect AR Inna's that I have been using ever since :)

great topic OP
On my DH off the Butcher were blackthorne pants double socket.
PS- As for Set Completions:
I've gotten these from drops

1. Inna's (All Items, 3 helms at least)
2. Wailing host/Lit of the Undaunted (Just recently completed, though I dont use them)
3. Tal Rasha's set
4. Travelers PLledge and Compass Rose

I still need to see the IK BB weap and helm to complete that set
Never dropped Nats, Zuni but found half of Chantodos
I found some Inna's pants the day before the 1.04 so by the time I tried to sell them they were worth less than nothing lol
Mine was a tals mask from a hollow tree in act 1. Fields of misery, if i remember correctly.
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great topic OP

you're welcome, marmoset... I can't stop thinking of a little tiny monkey typing all of your words.

I am seeing some consistency that the first 1/3 of Act 1 was pretty rich back in the day.

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