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Natalya's ring... right when I got to inferno at launch. My Barb couldn't kill anything but that ring popped out of a barrel... I got 9 million from it and thought I was godly... turns out, not so much.
Nat's gaze, decent dex, 3-4 crit. Nearly a year ago those where the days 100 - 300 hours into the game back then i thought i was never going to get a set item.
I have gotten about 10 Legendaries but no set item yet, so I'm also hoping for some of OP's mojo. :)
My first set piece was found during the first couple of months after the game released- a pair of Inna's legs back when the increased attack speed enchant didnt work!
in the first release of the game, i found innas temperance from azmodan. I sold it for $45USD on RMAH. I can't remember the stats....
My first set item was immediately followed by the second. I just broke the 300 hr. mark in total hours played on my WD when I killed two health link illusionist packs. One dropped Tal Rasha's Adjudication, and the next dropped Natalya's Gaze.

At the time, there was apparently a bug with the health link affix that caused those mobs to drop better loot if you killed them all at the same time. It was patched out the next day. Thankfully I've found plenty of set items since then; I've completed the Immortal King set a couple of times over.
inna's reach
Chantos off hand the original one
Blackthorn amulet, wore it for 2 days before selling it for max amount on RMAH
First set item was Tal Rasha's Guardianship, chest armor. Found it in Act 1 Inferno Jar of Souls quest before MP or improved legendaries were implemented. As a monk it raised my DPS, but I lost a lot of EHP. It didn't even have a main stat or any vitality. Overall I was disappointed that a legendary could be so bad.
I found this funny...

I found out about this thread through the community spotlight thing on the front page of the Diablo 3 website, and clicked on it to find a picture of the IK helm, thinking... "how did they know?!?!"

The IK helm was my first set item to drop, it was only a few weeks into the games release as well. I remember it being valuable, but not super amazing.
Still haven't found a set item. Been playing since release, stopped for a couple months, and recently deleted everything. (Characters, gear, etc) for a fresh start. Found about 7-10 Legendary drops, and a 1-3 plans, though.

But I haven't let it bug me much, if at all. I'm confidant that, now that I'm back in the game, I'll be farming some nice set items soon enough. =)
Ah this is a good story....

It was roughly the second week after launch and I was relentlessly farming A1 inferno with my (at the time kiting) DH and was finding virtually nothing. I was beginning to record my runs for gold/area and drops/area to determine the most efficient farming route to take and was running for speed. Randomly, on the second or third timed run I decided to flip a single body despite knowing it would slow me down in the top right of the Northern Highlands and out pops my first legendary item. It was a Nat chest with some terrible stats and I was so disappointed that it was a huge downgrade from my yellow chest piece so I threw it into the stash to rot. Then Blizzard decided to change the set bonus and boom my worthless Nats chest turned into a legacy Nats and sold it for $50 within hours of posting it. I will forever remember the disappointment and then elation my first green item gave me.

P.S. I still run around flipping bodies just in case I hit the RNG jackpot again and since then I've come close with a Tal's chest from an armor rack in A3 ^_^
Dint get my first set item till way into 60 and some paragon levels. Thought it was just a silly rumor that these so called set items existed then BAM! Litany of the Undaunted. I jizzed my pants. I used it for quite some time.
I got my first set items like 1 or 2 months ago, 2 set boots dropped basically within 10 minutes. 1 was an upgrade for me !
zunimassas boots and some other boots :D
Ah, I remember it like yesterday. It was a Natalya's Reflection and I got it right at the start of a run in Tower of the Damned from a white mob, without NV. I thought it was the most amazing thing ever. This happened sometime during last summer. Sold it for 50M (which was pretty decent back then) and allowed me to bring my char up a few notches. Changed the game completely.
My first set item was one of the Danetta's set crossbows. I think it was before the first legendary patch, so it was total garbage which sucked. The next one I found was a set of Immortal King boots, which had pretty much the worst possible roll for its random stat (healing from health globes) but it still sold on the GAH for 45 million so I guess that's alright.
Mine was a Tal Rasha's headpiece from Spider Queen in act 1 with 5 Neph Stacks. It was pre-patch 1.0.4, so it's still the worse non-updated version of it. But it had fantastic rolls: int, vit, resist all, magic find, and +armor.
This may not be the first (as far as I can remember), but this is the most memorable:

After the patch which buffed legendaries, I was strolling at Act 3 Arreat Crater 2 with my barb, doing some Alkaizer runs. I guess like everyone else, we have the impression that any legendary item that we find post buff should be awesome, and BEHOLD, a GREEN Mighty Belt dropped on the ground...After identifying it, it was a 99 str Immortal King's Tribal Binding.

It was a little disappointing, but back then I was thinking that I was 1 piece close to compleing the Immortal King set.


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