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03/25/2013 11:53 AMPosted by papadanko
Rather than complain about not having found a set piece yet, I'd like to drum up some good mojo from the community by asking you all to tell your tales of finding your first set piece. Where, how far along were you, what was it. I think that I'm getting close but I want to keep it positive. Thanks!

I found an amulet in Teddy bear land. sold it already for very cheap lol....

I was jumping around and almost forgot to pick it up off the ground.

I must agree, green is a very good color for set item$$$$
I think it was (not even sure) an IK gloves and were pretty horrible with INT as main stat lol
My friend found her first natalya's sight last night in HC, making me first time believe that set can be found in the game beside AH.
I believe mine was a IK tribal band and litany which both dropped from the same mob back in 1.05
I think mine was legacy Blackthorne's Jousting Mail. lol, if I recall correctly, it had like +40 Life on Hit or something. Just sad.
woooooo!! I found my 2nd set ever last night. My first set was a Blackthornes Surcoat about a week ago. I only play HC now, I was playing breached, MP 0 with my wiz. I sold it because I needed the money to buy better gear.

My second set was last night, I started playing act 3, hell MP 10 because I wanted to test how many legends i would get, but i didnt get any... so i went to act 3 inferno from the beginning and when i got to Gohm he dropped a chantodos wand!!!

def my best Diablo moment ever.... I love this game! ;o)
My first set item was a Bul-kathos warrior blood. I was farming mp 0 inferno with some buddies and it dropped off a skeleton archer in keep depths. freaked me out as this was also my first legendary drop and seeing the light fall from the sky and grace this weapon literally made me going "WTF!?!". nearly threw my mouse across the table trying to pick it up and identify it fast.
Duncraigs Ammy
my first set item was i if i remember right was 1 of 3 set items legacy zuni boots, nat's boots, inna's legs all within 2 days of eachother off a goblin back in the goblin farming days of prenerfed inferno in act 2 road to Alcarnus WP

sold on rmah for a few $
03/27/2013 10:15 AMPosted by Deca4otto
started playing act 3, hell MP 10 because I wanted to test how many legends i would get, but i didnt get any...

They drop, but they are things like Pus Spitter, 300th Spear, you know, second class stuff.

I do MP10 Hell wearing Goldskin for the cash monies.
ooo I'll just stick to Inferno then, it was fun to blow through all the monsters and elites though.
03/27/2013 01:38 PMPosted by Deca4otto
ooo I'll just stick to Inferno then, it was fun to blow through all the monsters and elites though.

One thing that does drop with more frequency in A3 Hell is reduced level requirement stuff. I found a 930 DPS samurai sword with -12 levels, which is comical. My barbarian is about to chop some heads off.

Also, I had two drop within ten minutes on MP10 Hell, one was insanely, outrageously worthless, the other is on my DH.
first ever set item i found was a tal rasha's allegiance that sold for 50m(42.5 w/ cut). thought i was the richest motherf--cker in the world, went out and bought my barb some gear and blew almost 30m within a day, i'm a bit more cautious with my money now :)
Do legendaries count? If so, a legendary dropped from a zombie in Act 1 Inferno while progressing. Unfortunately, it was a spirit stone and it sucked.

Legacy Natalya's boots out of a rusty pile of bones that I actually destroyed on accident lol. Was going to walk right by but accidentally hit a button on my keyboard which destroyed the bones and...


12.5 Million gold.
First (and only) set piece I've found is as a Level 60 (30) Barb, 2 weeks ago found a Zunimassa's Pox Ring which my Enchantress is wearing. Other than that, haven't seen a single one. Talk about dangling carrots in front of the horse!
got one of the swords from the barb set from an armor rack before starting the catapults
I remember it very clearly. It was back during the initial release when lore books were still the same green color. I thought for some reason that the game accidentally dropped a lore book again, but then I noticed that it said "Fist". It was a Shenlong's item. I remember exactly where it was, too, in the Nephalem temple near the sword piece, fighting Maghda's cultists. That turned out to be my most fortunate run, as in the same game, I found a Natalya's cloak on an armor rack in the halls of Agony.

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