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Boulder Breaker with no socket...... HELL YEAH thats is just my luck :)
03/25/2013 12:22 PMPosted by Sÿlak
First one was Zunimassa's String of Skulls.

Same here on 06/14/12 but it was useless. But the same day I've found a Set Ring which was very good at that time.
first of all i'd like to say that i really appreciate positive posts like this, and they are good for moral in the community.

my frist set item wasshenlong's fist of legend. i only recently replaced it with a one-handed sword, casue it rocked.
I found a IK Boulder Breaker with a garbage roll :D

On the plus side, on the day before St. Patricks Day, I found a pair of Inna's Pants and a pair of Blackthorne's Pants with all resist!
I got IK gloves from a chest in Act 1 very first day i played after 1.04 was introduced
Tal's belt
One of Zunimasa'a (spelling?) rings... barb lvl 60 prgn 30... I had the worst luck, but it's improved!
2 weeks ago after deleting all my characters and starting over due to boredom, my Monk just got Plvl 14 and I killed one of those little stingers in A3 inferno mp3 and got Zuni's helm.

Horrific rolls all around.

Sold for 22k.
Long , long time ago... but as I recall it is was a pretty crappy Duncraigs cross ammy in the Keeps depths which amazingly I sold on RMAH for 15 bucks... just goes to show how much things have changed... because 100% guaranteed that same amulet would NOT sell for 15 bucks... I doubt it would even sell on GAH for 100k...
My first set item was a Nat's Embrace while playing my DH. Came out of an elite pack in Act 3 in a public game - during a farming run well after completing the game. I immediately had hope for the game.

I found a Blackthorn's Surcoat, Zuni's tracks, Nat's Bloody Footprints, a Chandoto's will, Traveler's Pledge, and a Gory Fetch. I sold the Pledge and Blackthorn's...the rest I kept.
nat's gaze, no crit low dex, brimmed.
My first was Zuni's mask from chest in the fields beyond crypts it dropped and I was like "what" pretty good rolls, it was prob 250 hrs in after launch, a week later I found a blackthorns ammy from another chest in haunted forest or whatever it's called( haven't played act 1 in so long)
First was Tal's ammy. About a week later I found Tal's ammy again, better. The 2nd one is on my wiz. The 1st one used to be on the WD.

The WD found it around pl4 in on the Bridge in Act 3 from a white pack.
Nothing in a couple hours of play last night... keep the good mojo coming!

Funny side-note though, I had a marquise emerald plan drop, which is certainly comical as that was my first jewel plan drop. Oh Blizzard, you so crazy!
The first set item I found was a Manajuma's carving knife or Immortal King's Irons. The gloves rolled 170 str / 90 vit / 9.5 crit, but sold for a fair amount back then (20 mil).
I found blackthorns belt in act3 back in the day. Don't remember what version of the game it was but it only sold for 1.2m

But that was huge money when I barely was able to break 200k gold! haha
Blackthorns Breeches. Wish they had stats like Joisting Mail to begin with....but still nice to loot a set item in Act 1 Inferno on the way to the butcher for the first time. Second set item was looted weeks if not months later....
First set piece was the revamped Eternal Reign with pretty good rolls, sold for 80m or so

I know, I know, *boo hiss*
Tal Belt in Act3 on the steps going down to Azmodan

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