ShockNadoShards(SNS), liquef instead of ww

@Shaggy: I confess I'm actually surprised to hear you say this. If you haven't tried this build, please do!!! :D Liquefy spam has been around for awhile and I've been a big proponent of using Liquefy spam to obtain a permafreeze since November. We get so many more procs with Liquefy over Molten Impact that it's night and day. Frost Nova also helps, but really the true power of this build over SNS is switching away from the Frost Nova spam to a true Meteor spam. The additional splash damage and procs you get is truely amazing (which maintain an infinite Diamond Skin). I've been runing the build I linked in my first post in this thread in MP10 for a long time, as well as even using the build to lock down ubers (haven't tried though since 1.0.5). I really think people haven't given Meteor a good shake and it's that Dark Horse build that's a LOT better than people give it credit for. And true permafreeze is easy to achieve on all but single targets. For example, if you look at either video by Oxan, singles are still a bit of a problem.

@Oxan: See it's funny I came from the reverse end. I had been playing with CM/WW wizard since the beginning of 1.0.4 and saw Emperor's Raining Meteor build around late October. I instantly fell in love with Meteor. But I had wanted to combine both Aimless's Shockquefy build with Raining Meteor. So I can in from the reverse end with high attack speed. I relaxed it down a bit, but the build works surprisingly well with high attack speed so long as you have high enough CC+three sources of APoC (and some meteor reduction gear helps too). But yeah I'm VERY well aware of the benefits and short-comings of the build. Your setup is quite impressive, but I notice it's still not an ideal situation on singles. I'm kinda resigned at this point that it's gonna be VERY difficult, if not impossible to reach my "holy grail" of a true single-target permafreeze with Meteor.

Still major props to you. It's too bad you're on the EU server, else I'd love to have played with you. Viva la Météore! :D
03/28/2013 11:48 AMPosted by TekkZero
I'm kinda resigned at this point that it's gonna be VERY difficult, if not impossible to reach my "holy grail" of a true single-target permafreeze with Meteor.

i'am gonna make it work for u :>
wow Oxan nice find! your build works wonders for me even with my half assed wanna be gear lol. only downside is lost ability to perma freeze on single target but it definitely looks cooler than using WW to wind up and I'm killing things faster! If i can get my hands on 6cc crow and trifecta ammy, it would be even better! nice build man.
I'm kinda resigned at this point that it's gonna be VERY difficult, if not impossible to reach my "holy grail" of a true single-target permafreeze with Meteor.

i'am gonna make it work for u :>
I'll believe it when I see it. ;) Tbh, it's a truely Herculean task from a procs perspective, but I encourage you to try. On single target, the average duration of Liquefy is less than Energy Twister, unless you have 60%cc or better. And then you have a lower proc coefficient (85% as good Energy Twister) and a spectacularly dreadful tick rate (1 per second, plus a bonus one from the initial impact). Just to put it in perspective, you'd have to be running 0.55-0.65aps with Energy Twister just to rival the truely dreadful tick rate of Meteor.

If anything, the reason Liquefy is truely great compared to any other Meteor rune is that the DoT duration gets extended to 8s. With your crit chance at 65%, you have a ~88% chance to extend the duration on two targets. And that helps a lot!!! Thus, it's maddening how much harder single target is than two targets. If you do get it, please post it, as I'm very interested in the topic. But after months of trying, I've grown very skeptical. But you have better cc than me, so I wish you the best in your attempt! :)

EDIT: Btw this is the Meteor build that I came the closest to achieving single-target permafreeze:!gbX!cYZZaZ . I've investigated Pinpoint Barrier and Conduit, and they're pretty good too, as well as Deep Freeze. The benefit of this skill/rune setup though is that Prism+Power of the Storm, plus the Unleashed rune, make Explosive Blast a free proc. Thus, typically your only AP expenditure is Meteor.

I went to 2,8 att speed and 70%cc

plus increase cc by 12% for explosive blast

and i still can't permafreeze single elite :/

i still lack few ias here and there and i lack 9% ias in amu and offhand (and i was using 1,76 chantado) but now iam not in the mood to spend more on it

but i made few tweaks in my actual build(s), i will post some cool vid tomorrowe, few peeps may like it
new vid, with much more attack speed, will be in first post too
Hi Oxan, I have followed your thread for a while, and also on the EU forums too! I did get a CC/CD Mara's similar to your and also 2 SG rings, one with 41CD int roll, and one with 5CC, dex roll - hard to get int roll and CC reduction rings it seems! haha.I also have a perfect 30 elite damage, 6% fire damage, -5 meteor SoJ - only @ 100m at eu gah.

Anyways, the results were a TON of fun! My sheet dps almost HALVED haha, but the meteor shower in narrow spaces like keeps was amazing! I used max CC, prism, storm armour rune and astral passive, to max regen, also 30 APoC with 6%CC Storm Crow and -5, 10CC, 10 APoC Chants source...

As you can tell, I like to min/max some lolz. I also tried replacing EB with meteor shower and ofc molten instead of twisters, and must say I was really impressed with how effectively the CDs were from molten alone! As you have mentioned on your US post, on single MP10 elite, perma freeze is very tough to achieve and though the kill speed on large trash mobs was comparable to sns/electrify - I felt that on 1 or 2 remaining elites only, it fell way behind, probably due to the halved sheet dps.

In short, it was a very fun exercise and great for ranged farming in pub games, especially on chargers and trees etc, but overall you just can't beat the old SNS / Electrify in decent gear, for kill speed.

My wiz build and gear set seems by far the best combo for melting elite and trash alike, with minimal safety or apoc issues.

Keep up the post / thred though, because just like our American friends, I would love to swap twisters to molten and maintain the same kill speed and freeze - lock abilities, this would be epic and players like you that try everything to achieve this and don't just follow the crowd - are my kind of people!

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