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Will Blizzard still investigate claims of hacked accounts? I understand why the account bound policy is good and necessary where there is no evidence of hacking, but for the innocent player who gets hacked this policy is very unfair. True it is better than losing your items forever but it will prevent the player from recovering some of the cost of his existing items when he/she upgrades -- this could mean a loss of 100's of millions to the innocent hacked player.

I hope,therefore, that the new policy will not be applied automatically to all rollbacks without an investigation to see if the player's claims of being hacked are legitimate.
It would be totally crazy if the people who bought duped items and had no idea they were duped were affected by this. It is not their responsibility and most certainly not their fault! I would say in all fairness that only rollbacks happening from april 2nd will have this measure implemented and what is in the past is in the past. People in the past should not fall further victim or be negatively impacted upon for unknowingly buying a duped item. They have nothing to do with it and should be left alone. It is the only right thing to do of course. The rollbvack policy is a good idea though for the future and hopefully duping will come to a complete STOP.
03/31/2013 07:12 PMPosted by NBrad
Will Blizzard still investigate claims of hacked accounts?

All hacked accounts are 100% the fault of the player. Blizzard accepts zero responsibility for hacked accounts. There will be no investigations.

If you say so :-)
03/26/2013 10:40 AMPosted by Lylirra
We implemented this update to protect the in-game economy from the noted rise of false compromised account claims by players attempting to gain duplicate items.

how can the entire company be so negligent? Forget about the hole you left in your system, how the hell did you manage to fall into it 100s of times over and over again?

i mean seriously, you'd figure by at least the 5th, whatever 10th, exact same item being part of a "hacked" account that you'd catch on and not perform the rollback?

this is just.....past the point of sad....we've circulated all the way back to funny again.
First off.... Rollbacks are not a requirement of this game. It is a courtesy extended by Blizzard for those who have had accounts hacked or whatnot. Knowing full well some were hacked with fake emails of WoW's Panda (they were slick emails back then) or other email pfishing schemes or them having the same ingame password as they use on other websites that may have been hacked the courtesy given by Blizzard for rollbacks is welcome and we do thank them for this. Not everyone has a smartphone to have the authenticator soft-key nor are able to afford purchasing one. It is unfortunate the good will of Blizzard in helping those who have had their accounts taken over to be taken advantage of by those who purely seek profit of either gold or real money.

That being said.....this change does not remove any duped items from the game. What it allows is for the current number of duped items to not really grow and have more availability for sale. If you look at the AH and find 20 of the same item listed that will probably not change. Nor will searching Diabloprogress show less of those items unless a person isn't currently geared with that item. So this solution, while good stops the number of dupes from becoming available for sale to the community, does not reduce the amount of them already out in circulation.

This also will not necessarily keep diabloprogress from increasing the counts of duped items. If person A has a godly Axe they can sell that axe to to another person for say 2b or whatever the going price is, and have their account rolled back. Now there are 2 of those items While all gearing and weapons will become BoA on the seller's account he/she can still use that weapon themselves. But the number of those "godly" weapons can continue to increase over time. They just cannot be sold.

The only way duped item reduction will occur will be:

1> Vendor Item to NPC
2> Salvage Item for resources
3> Account having a duped item is permanently suspended.
4> Dropped on the ground and game exited

under those 4 scenerios will duped items be removed from the actual game and thus reduce the amount of those duped items available for purchase on the GAH/RMAH.

It is my belief there are many here in this community having duped items are not even aware of it. I only discovered recently an item I bought off the GAH was a duped item. I had no idea it was duped. When we buy items off of the GAH/RMAH we typically do not go to diabloprogress or some sight such as this and first check for this type of item to see how many we can find. Most of us would find out afterwards. As in my case....the item I bought off of the GAH only showed 1 item. It did not show 2-x amount of these same items which would obviously have given me a clear indication it was a duped item.

All in all this is a good thing for the community. However my fear is these items will now become the highest priced items until such time as other gear/weapons released in the future out-perform them and their BiS/Godly status will no longer be the case.
@WiryDragon ... think that quote you put in your reply here is pretty clear.
ALL character equipment including weapons and armor restored via the Diablo III rollback service will become bound to the restored account

they don't make a distinction of what was important or not important... 100% of all weapons and gear will become BoA. thought it was pretty clearly stated :)
Ok, I sold a really expensive Immortal King's Eternal Reign on the gold Auction House, for 15m, but I was originally trying to sell it for 150m, this is A LOT of money for me, and I really need a rollback to get it back, it had my most expensive gems in it, as well as most of my net worth in it, would Blizzard let me have a rollback for this reason? PLEASE HELP
04/06/2013 12:49 AMPosted by EXOTIC
Ok, I sold a really expensive Immortal King's Eternal Reign on the gold Auction House, for 15m, but I was originally trying to sell it for 150m, this is A LOT of money for me, and I really need a rollback to get it back, it had my most expensive gems in it, as well as most of my net worth in it, would Blizzard let me have a rollback for this reason? PLEASE HELP

Please be trolling.

Nice policy change, only wish it had happened earlier.
The only one duped method is fixed now. Im glad of that.
Fixed? they can still keep/use the items and dupe/sell the original, its still duping.and <---ITS NOT FIXED

Players could pass around BIS items, dupe them and keep passing. <---ITS NOT FIXED

Ppl could fill chars with 100b full of duped/passed items and sell the accounts for the same amounts they made with OG duping <---ITS NOT FIXED

AH still full of duped gear <---ITS NOT FIXED

"The only one duped method is fixed now." <---ITS NOT FIXED
What proof u Got it is not?.. I dont See much duped items, only few from all these items. If i Got duped method i would duped gems and sell them so cheap.
There is no other duped method. Remember d2? There even was legalnie check method.

Diablo 3 have no duped method. Eot.
U telling there is another duped method. Proof it. Or... Lol.

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